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I just returned from my first presentation with an Angel
Group here in Dallas.
It was pretty brutal as their format and time limits are very restrictive.
The business idea I am pitching has a solid model with
tremendous potential. The problem is I come from an engineering technology
world where we speak a different language than the money men. My biggest fear
is that this business will be cast out not because of the idea but instead
because I did not do it justice in the presentation.
My pitch was geared more for the purpose of obtaining the
mentoring then the startup capital. I do need the money but first and foremost
I need to learn the language.
How do I address this? I will not get feedback until Monday
and should it come back negative I am left with little resources to pitch this


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    I don`t know which group you presented to , but nearly all provide a guide /outline for the presentation when they schedule you to present. 
    Generally, telling them that you want help is a positive thing. I`m not sure what you can do to change the "first impression" but if you`d like to discuss it - please contact me directly. I`ll be happy to do an analysis of the session and give you my thoughts.
  • phatgreenbuds67phatgreenbuds67 subscriber Posts: 1
    The group here was StartTechEV. I have found a lot of positive information about them and they seem like a group that I would learn a great deal from.  they did indeed provide a format and for me this was very restrictive as there are so many details and bits of information that I had to omit in order to fit that format and time limit. As a result it ends up looking like I have an idea thats shaky and full of gaps when in fact I have it 90% modeled and solid.
    I would indeed like to discuss this in detail and all its glory with you, but I must wait until I hear the feedback Monday and go from there before I make any further moves.
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