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Baby clothing site Do-OverClothing.com

PezmelPezmel subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2008 in Website Critique
Baby clothing site http://www.Do-OverClothing.com
I`m looking for end user feedback, and for the site to be stress tested. The product images are delivered by php and a mysql database. The site hasn`t had a lot of traffic so the database works fine whenever I use it, which doesn`t mean much
Thanks for looking.


Pezmel4/1/2008 1:04 PM


  • FlyRightFlyRight subscriber Posts: 0
    Great product idea! I found the site to be slower than most on my computer. (maybe because the video is there?) Not computer related: Just a suggestion--you should list the fiber content of the onesies and the material info for the backing. That`s just something I`m always interested in. Also--can it be machine dried?
  • PezmelPezmel subscriber Posts: 2
    The video shouldn`t slow it down, but there are a fair number of images at startup with the banner and the buttons.
    Great suggestion on the material and the dryer. The outfits are machine washable (cold) and dryable (tumble dry low). They are made of 100% cotton and the back layer is made of formaldehyde-free EVA plastic. I`ll update the website with that information tonight.
    Thanks for the help!
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Functionally .....
    I would change the Home page and the Story page. A home page with just images doesn`t really say anything to your visitors ..... it`s just images of baby clothes, and at first glance they don`t look any different than other baby clothes. The Story page tells just that, pretty much; a problem and a solution, and it is what will get your visitors to browse farther through the site to see that your product is different.
    The Home page and Products page are really the same.....why? There is no benefit to doing this.
    Do you need the video on more than one page?
    You need to show your shipping policies, return policies, secure shopping system if you have it, etc. Most people may not buy online without this type of information. Also, since your cart goes to what looks like another website, you might want to let potential buyers know this so that they don`t get suspicious when all of a sudden your site is gone and they see something entirely new.
    For myself, the text on the green background is not easy to read.
    You have good clear images when they pop up.
    For SEO....
    You should have meta descriptions, and meta keywords wouldn`t hurt.
    For some reason you have javascript and css in your pages body area, as well as in the head section. Not ideal.
    I don`t see image alt tags, or h1/h2 tags anywhere.
    The pages are nowhere close to being valid W3C.
    In short, I would suggest some recoding and SEO implementation for SERPS`s,  remove the unneeded duplicate page, and try some other visual looks as far as color.
    As a sidenote, I have a one week old grandson, so I may check into your product further; really a neat idea you have.

  • PezmelPezmel subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you Michael and Craig. I`ll get cracking on some changes tonight. Michael I sent you an email from your site.
    Craig I`ll get to making a better pitch. Your review shows me I`m relying too much on the video. Not to mention I meant to make a downloadable mpeg and wmv file version, but it slid on my to do list. Thanks for always being constructive and to the point.
    Michael I would love to send you a sample of our outfits. Let me know which designs you like and I`ll ship one out to you. Fly Right and Craig, if you know of someone that would benefit from a Do-Over, let m know and I`ll get one out to you as well.


  • JenBJenB subscriber Posts: 2
    I really like the concept, and being the mom of a 2 - almost 3 year-old, I can totally appreciate the concept.
    The video was a great example of the product, however I am really curious at seeing how a baby is able to move in the onsie. I`d also like to see how well it fits a child wearing a skirt,shorts, or pants. Is it too stiff?
    I`m also wondering how hot it would be during the summer months.  I suppose you could always take the outer lining off when the baby`s not eating. Sorry, thinking out loud there.
    JenB4/2/2008 12:45 PM
  • armandmariusarmandmarius subscriber Posts: 0
    The website works fine, I noticed you have baby bloomers for sale, they are wonderful. However I am having difficulties accessing your website through Internet Explorer, who made the web site optimizations for your website?
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