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Hey all, I have a few sites... I`ll list them, but the one I would like the critique most on is not for the layout or anything, more for the story. - helicopter story. Do you think the story is well written enough or should I have an editor look it over? I have no real writing experience, but I think I`m coherent.
the other sites you can give feedback on are:, and
They don`t have any content on though, but I`m always willing to hear what you have to say about layouts and whatnot.
I did a lot of research on the wii site and no other site that I can find has anywhere near the level of functionality mine does. Groups, events, forums, PMing, photos, videos, all sorts of stuff. All build around Joomla, which I love and swear by.


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    As can see you use Joomla {:o). I use it as well, it`s perfect but only last few weeks. Your layout is nice. They are a lot of templates for free, e.g., and Only is now developed in Joomla but I`ll rebuild the rest in the future.
    What did you use for the forum?
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    Joomla! and Mambo are the best. I`ve used a lot of CMSes, but those two get the job done and done well. I use drupal for some of my clients sometimes, but it`s better in practical application for distributed content and multisite networks.
    Joomla and Mambo just have so many features, I don`t know if anything else compares. Again, Drupal has a lot too, but is better for certain site types
    What is the primary focus/goal of small manager?pentupentropy2/7/2008 2:51 PM
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    Primary goal of SmallManager is portal for presentation, PR articles and forum about management in general. I realize that now is not seen because it was only start for me. But in near future, this is the way I want to go in this project.
    I have to try Mambo, thanks for tip. I started with Joomla 2 weeks ago, so every ad is very important for me. Thanks again.
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    If you like joomla, stick with it. They`re practically identical. The differences are starting to show but unless you`re the webmaster on a 1000 employee company intranet, I`d say either is fine as long as your comfortable with them. One of the differences are in the installers. Once you`re past the initial installation of the modules/components you want, they`re pretty much the same.
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