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Help Choosing BusinessDomain Name

PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Business Planning
Greetings all,
I`ve been a lurker here for a long time just absorbing information. I`m looking for a little feedback as to what businessdomain name to choose.
I`m in the process of starting a real estate virtual tour business for realtor`s, property manager, restaurant`s, clubs, historic sites, and other venues . Essentially, I would visit the location and shoot a series of panoramic images in a 360 degree pattern for each "scene" and then stitch them together using software to form an interactive panoramic image, and each scene can have hot spots to navigate to other scenes.
I would offer other services such as a series of high quality still images for print and other marketing purposes , link the tours to several of the real estate sites such as homes.com and the MLS.
Some of the names that I`ve thought of so far are
Exit2media.com - because it`s the interstate exit close to me.
Out of these, does anyone like, dislike, or have any other possible suggestions?


  • PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for replying and challenging me to dig deeper, that`s whats so great about SUN.
    What`s great about what I am proposing is that I`m going to do the work for you, thus leaving you free to list and sell homes, instead of sitting behind your desk.
    These virtual tours are not your standard images shot with a point & shoot camera, then put together in a slide show fashion. what I will provide are 360 panoramic "scenes" taken with a high end digital SLR camera mounted on a custom rotator head and tripod. These images are then stitched together to create a scene that acts and looks like it was taken with a movie camera. Of coarse the images will be tweaked before stitching so they look their best. These scenes will have hot spots within the scene that link from room to room, outside to inside ect.
    I will also be able to  include audio clips that describe the scene, a custom floor plan if desired. I will be able to provide custom property brochures of the property, I could offer CD`s with the tour on disc to pass out to clients, and a picture of the property burned on the disk. Virtual tour traffic reports showing how much traffic each tour has received and which scenes where viewed the most. Custom banner on the tour window with the realtor or business namepicturecontact infoemail link. links to area maps & info right in the tour window. In a nutshell, a complete real estate marketing solution that your clients and home owners will love.
    These tours could also be marketed to restaurants, clubs, golf coarses, on and on.
  • tinschreibertinschreiber subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Gene,
    I am in a completely different industry,  but from the creative side I agree with Craig, you should get creative and not too specific with your brand name. Think of ways you could expand in the future and don`t limit yourself to just real estate. So for a name, I would brainstorm words that appeal to you in general. Your "exit2media.com" is interesting because it also implies a company can exit the search-- they`ve found you! Which could also be a good tag line. I`m a big believer in tag lines, and don`t forget to trademark.
    In our soft economy (especially for the real estate biz), I would look for companies that use true video imaging and market to them that this is a similar rich experience but you can SAVE them money from what they already are using.
    Good luck!
  • PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1
    I definitely don`t want to focus solely on the real estate industry, but in tough times I think that agents need get more creative with their marketing plans to make themselves and their listings stand out from the pack. When houses aren`t selling, I believe that property ownersclients are going to be more demanding of their agents, especially with the higher end homes.
     I see allot of other venues that could benefit from this type of marketing tool, and will make sure to market to them as well so that I`m not limited in scope.
    As a former Realtor myself (10+ yrs ago) I understand the industry and I m familiar with the process and the pitfalls. I also still have some connection with local brokers that will be my first contacts when I get this ball rolling.
    Back to the name issue, I`m definitely leaning towards exit2media because I like what Tina pointed out in the last post about it referring to the "End" of your search, you`ve found what you`re looking for. Now I just need to come up with a good tag line to go along with it.
  • eventbrandereventbrander subscriber Posts: 6
    Pivotal Point Media is the most broad and encompassing.
    Really when it comes down to it the name doesn`t matter as much as your communication of the brand and the people you connect with.
  • PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1
    Craig....You make a good point. It would be a pain to have to change names later down the road.
    Eventbrander...Pivotal Point Media was 2nd on my list of favorites, and may be easier to build a brand and create a Tag line for.
    Decisions, decisions
  • PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1

    I went ahead and registered pivotalpointmedia.com
    Now I need to come up with a good tag line, any ideas?
  • PCeeTechPCeeTech subscriber Posts: 1
    I haven`t really come up with a tag line yet, but one crossed my mind that probably would not work , but it was funny when it crossed my mind.... "Spin Cycle For Your Marketing Plan" LOL
    Have a great day!
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