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Appshore & a pleasant customer experience

PaulWalshPaulWalsh subscriber Posts: 1
If you have any trouble with Appshore you can expect a personal response. I`m a happy customer and happy to recommend them.PaulPaulWalsh2006-11-6 16:29:8


  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi PaulI think I know what they`re talking about. When you surf to a website using a name (like www.startupnation.com) your local computer uses a domain name server (DNS server) to turn the name into an IP address. If your local DNS server doesn`t immediately know the answer then it tracks down the DNS server that does. What it gets back are two things:1. The IP address2. How long it can continue using the result without going back to the server that knows the answer (this reduces traffic).Because your local DNS server can cache the result it`s possible to get into a situation where their DNS server is saying one thing and your one  saying something else. This continues until your DNS server realises it`s time to lookup the address again. The end result is they appear to drop off the Internet until the change propogates across the Internet.While there are a few reasons why this could happen it requires a bit of miss management to make it happen.
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