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panamajohnspanamajohns subscriber Posts: 2
I have recently launed a business, and am now in the process of writing up some sales adds, along with brochures and posters. If anyone out there can give me some pionters on writing some successful adds, it would be greatly apresiated.
panamajohns2006-9-22 22:27:10


  • FavoriteThingzFavoriteThingz subscriber Posts: 0
    Congrats on your new business venture!
    I visited your profile this morning, noting that you are starting an import/export business.  What is your target market?  Online, brick & mortar?
    I`d be more than happy to give you some feedback, just need a little more info, please.
    You can post your response on this forum so that other new entrepreneurs may learn as well.  Please also feel free to email me directly at [email protected]</A>
    LindaFavoriteThingz2006-9-23 12:53:39
  • YoungCEOYoungCEO subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with CraigL. Joe Vitale (most recently featured in "The Secret" movie - www.whatisthesecret.com), as much as I find him cheeky and too flamboyant, his "hypnotic" marketing strategies has been effective. According to some hotshot young prof. at Harvard Business School, people generally buy based on emotions rather than logic. (Advertising guys knew this for ages) Check him out.

    As far as sales mentors go, Todd Duncan (toddduncan.com) and Tom Hopkins (tomhopkins.com) are hands-down my favorites.
  • panamajohnspanamajohns subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your input, it has really helped.
  • IDEAJohnIDEAJohn subscriber Posts: 1
    See my website for a free ecopy of my Daring Mighty Things--The Simplest Way to Start Your First (or Next) New Business. The 10 Power Steps for Creating Your First or Next Customer should help you.
    More powerful than a brochure is a feature article in your local newspaper about what you are doing. Buy an hour of time from a top PR person, they can help you understand how to get this done for yourself.
  • SalesCoachSalesCoach subscriber Posts: 0
    You have some great sales tips here already to get started!  If I can be of any help, just let me know.  I would need to know a lot more to really customize an answer/solution...but, I`ll share the following:
    One thing I will mention is to get in tune with the challenges/struggles/issues that your potential clients deal with and maybe gear your messaging around it.  Instead of just telling what you do, tell who you help while relating to their challenges/struggles. (then maybe people will say, "Oh, that`s me, I need this service/product, I should talk to this person, those are my challenges/goals/issues/struggles)  Well, you get the idea! 
    This will help you engage your prospects.

    I love sales and I am a professional www.CoachWithJeremy.com
    SalesCoach9/22/2008 12:44 PM
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