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Here is what I have to start..

PaulPavPaulPav subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello everyone,
I`m a new member here, in my late 20s, and I am positive that I am ready and able to start my own business. I have held many jobs. Currently I am at a job earning 6-figures, but the unhappiness and desire since childhood to be my own boss is driving me mad.
Trying to find the right business for me has been difficult. My single talent is that I am a master of internet marketing - a true PPC and SEO expert. Therefore, the business should be internet-based. I lean toward retail, because it provides me the opportunity to build a large web site which I am confident would rank highly in the search engines and very effectively reach my target market.
The problem lies in that I have no real passion for any particular niche besides perhaps internet marketing. Providing that as a service does not interest me. Working in that industry for years has left me jaded. The passion for me comes from owning my own business - I truly don`t think it will matter what it is, so long as it is profitable.
I have $50,000 in cash to invest and a residual income apart from my job that would easily pay the bills for the next 6 months and possibly beyond (assuming it doesn`t dry up). I am leaning toward leaving my job very shortly and working on whatever venture I choose full-time.
I am just looking for some guidance or suggestions on what businesses I should absolutely avoid (for instance, I`ve read the margins on computer parts are prohibitively low) and what businesses I should give a closer look. Of course I would be more than happy in any way to help anyone kind enough to help me.


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