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Opnions about Google Adwords display network

metro2metro2 subscriber Posts: 1
I don't know if its just me or my industry, but the Adwords Display Network advertisements never converted. I don't know if there's a high level of click fraud with the Display Network advertisement or what. When I had it on, I was charged for a high number of clicks that never converted to anything? What do you think about Adwords Display Network advertisement?


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    Joseph123Joseph123 subscriber Posts: 0

    You can't blame Google if your campaign failed to get
    conversion...The success of the campaign depends on lot of factors like
    keywords, location, title etc...Google has implemented lot of filter to
    prevent fraud clicks from your competitors.
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    Yes...I agree with you. To get the desired ROI on a pay per click campaign, it is important to clearly
    understand the basics of the advertising plan before you actually go
    about launching the campaign. This will make sure that the time, and
    effort you spend to reach out to your target audience and advertise your
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    Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    Here at WordStream, our group of specialists examines a huge number of PPC records. While our clients' torment guides incline toward change, large portions of their issues can be followed back to one noteworthy stumble—their crusades are set to keep running on both the Search and Display Networks at the same time.

    99% of the time, this practice will wreak ruin on a PPC account. The principle issue is, these systems target clients in two totally extraordinary situations. Also, since measurements over every system are joined, it is trying to survey how each is performing, and it disposes of the choice to portion one's financial plan by system.

    In all honesty, applying a similar technique to both systems resembles attempting to fit a round peg in a square gap… it simply doesn't work. In the event that you have any crusades selected into both systems, spare yourself from future torment and desolation and begin isolating them. In today's post, we'll do a profound jump plotting the parts of each of these systems and look at what sorts of sponsors ought to use them.

    Don't aimlessly pick your objectives. Prior to your make your choices, consider (1) your item or administration and (2) your crowd. Show crusades, much the same as Search battles, make it conceivable to fabricate high caliber, finely tuned battles and advertisement bunches. Doing as such just requires somewhat more planning.
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    The Google Display Network allows to you connect with customers with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe
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