From idea to commercialization to Marketing

omitrademanomitrademan subscriber Posts: 2
All I have is a great big idea about home storage and decorative. I think I can build one/two of the product at home. I might start with it.


  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    i think you need to file the patent application first - selling first can kill the patent process.  do patent first or forget about patent and preventing others from copying.
  • bookloverbooklover subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    If you build it they will come . . . eventually.  I think if you
    can build it do it, but don`t worry about selling it.  Build it so
    you can closer to your product; refine it.  If it truly is unique
    and patentable then listen to patentandtrademark and apply for your
    patent.  You can market a product with patent-pending status.
  • omitrademanomitrademan subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks you buddies for helping and encouraging.
    Yes, my plan is to built the product myself. In the mean time I am gathering all the information.
    What is the id of Eric who have been insturctive to memeber here?
    God bless ya all.
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    oooooooooooooo, I like Eric`s website a lot.  I usually don`t like lots of movement, changing colors, etc. but this one is well done.  When you get into the site a bit & come upon the tabs in the middle of the screen, they "play" like Tom Hanks playing the "piano" in Big. 
    The website alone makes me interested in his ideas!
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