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Alright, I`ve had an idea for a business for over 15 years now. It is actually the perfect business for me. I have seen others start this same type of business across the country and I have read about their successes. This business model actually made the Top 100 here on SUN. Here`s my problem, I can quote my business plan from memory, I can tell you everything you would need to know to start this business, I am in the absolute perfect location to start this, I have no competition, I have contacts, etc. etc. etc. HOWEVER, for some reason I cannot seem to take that leap of faith and actually do it. I need to hear from the greats here at SUN as to how you actually made that final decision to just do it no matter what. I want to hear about your successes. I need motivation!


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    It sounds to me like you have everything going for you. The only thing I can think is that you may have a fear of rejection or failure? I`m not trying to be an amateur psychologist here, but that seems to be a problem for many people in getting started.
    I started my business (solo practitioner) 11 years ago. At the time I didn`t really think about it. An opportunity came up so I just took it. I have had ups and downs over the years, but I cannot imagine no longer being in charge of my own destiny. I trust my livelihood to myself (with all my shortcomings) rather than a nameless bureacrat in an ivory tower in some corporate HQ.
    Rejection is not failure. It is just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but every rejection is a potential future opportunity, if handled well. And I like this quote from Albert Grey: "Successful people make a habit of doing what failures refuse to do".
    If the business is perfect for you, you have your business plan, and you have the environment for it, I personally cannot see how you can fail. You will be having too much fun to fail.
    Does this help?
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    Thanks for the replies. Here`s the deal. This business can be started from home, it can possibly be ran part time (I still work and finacially I can`t just quit right now), but i know in my heart of hearts that it will take off and when it does I need to be prepared to jump in with both feet. I guess this is a good problem to have. I think it may be the transition from dream to reality that will take me from a steady paycheck to a business where everything is dependant on me. Once I get started there is no turning back. I can`t just quit. Oh and did i mention I have 3 children, a wife, and 2 dogs that rely on me to pay the bills? However, I have spent years dreaming, planning, and talking about this and all I want is to do it and succeed. Maybe i should give up the dream and just concentrate on the mundane...
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    I don`t think she realizes what drastic changes could come, although I`ve tried to explain it to her. Otherwise she is all for whatever I decide to do.
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    Thanks Stan I appreciate that encouragement. I have set some milestones and goals for myself and am forcing myself to do them one at a time. This will keep me moving forward and hopefully squash my defeatist attitude. Ever have the feeling that you don`t deserve success? It`s weird. I have this feeling sometimes and it pushes me back. So I will keep reading the encouragement here at SUN and move on to success!
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    Well Craig I`m 39 years old so the "modern" education system does not apply. My children however are facing this. So anyway, how does one shift the paradigm from belief to conviction? I do believe in myself whether it`s just a statement or not. What I want to know is how do I get this demosntrable evidence you call conviction that will finally push me over the edge?
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    I must support Craig`s statement.   (Also Nike`s slogan, sort  of)  Just do something.
    I was stuck for nearly a decade trying to figure out "the thing" that would be best for me.  Then I started doing little things that have nothing at all to do with business or even hobbies, but were obvious, beneficial, and fun.  Next thing I knew, I was here with an idea.   Nothing succeeds like personal success.  I suspect our subconscious cares not whether it`s a tiny success or a huge success, just so long as we do something and finish it.
    Heard a great line a couple of weeks ago:  If something is worth doing, it`s worth doing wrong, at least at first.  Seems to be true.
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    What were the "little things" that were "obvious, beneficial and fun" even though they had nothing to do with business or hobbies. Can you remember any of them?
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    Wow marlosse, I love your idea, what a concept! Thanks for advice and you`re right, depression could be the cause. I need to do some reflecting. Thanks to all of you for your inspiration and advice.
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