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Phone number for e-commerce site?

rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
This might be in the wrong forum, but thought I`d try it here.
I`ll be launching an ecommerce site in the next few months. I currently have a day job and cannot afford to answer phone calls for my startup. I don`t expect there would be many anyway, but I still can`t do it. I could return messages or emails as time permits, but I feel that if I`m going to have a phone number listed on the site, a live person should answer it.
What`s the general feeling here about having a phone number listed for an ecommerce site?


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    rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks all. My fear is I might lose business if someone wanted to call and couldn`t. But I guess most of us are all `anti-social` in the fact that an email will work fine.
    Nikole`s suggestion for listing the reasons why I think I need a phone number pretty much boiled down to thinking I might lose business for someone who wanted to call to get more info, but didn`t have a number and give up.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    A contact form would be your best bet. I never called an e-commerce site, Although, it would be nice to have a phone number just incase someone orders and needs to return something. Most people feel comfortable when they see a phone number anywhere on the web site.
    What I usually suggest my customers is, have a contact form for general questions and a Return Merchandize Acceptance (RMA) page where they list "on how to return an item" and to only call when they are ready ro get an RMA number, so this way you are aware someone is returning something and you can monitor the package.
    Another thing you can do is forward all the calls to your Cell-phone.
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    MattCMattC subscriber Posts: 10
    I am debating this question now as well.  I think I am going to skip on the 800-number up front and get my web business established, then worry about the intracacies of adding an 800#. 
    Anyone else with any info to add?
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    SCVS800SCVS800 subscriber Posts: 1
    Many of our clients are in the same situation as you.  They have day jobs but are concerned about loosing customers because they are unavailable to answer the phone while at work.  Our virtual office solutions will allow the call to be taken by an auto attendant and direct the call to whomever you wish, including your cell phone.  The call will be announced to you, informing you of what type of information they are seeking so you can choose to take the call or not.  You also get an 1-800 number that is yours to keep, this looks much better online that a long distance local number.  Check us out...we use the system as well.
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