Product Adoption Theory

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There are quite a few SUN members who are inventors... I ran across this article on the Harvard Business Review and thought it would be of great interest to anyone introducing a new product.
Featured In The Article

Is your product an "Easy Sell"?
Is your product a "Sure Failure"?
Is your product a "Long Haul"?
Is your product a "Smash Hit"?
The article does not use the standard "early adopter" -vs- "late adopter" methodology and - unlike most jargon-heavy business articles - presents a really rational, simple case for product success/failure... and what you can do about it.
Eager Sellers, Stony Buyers [ Article is $6.00 ]
[ p.s. CookieMonster is not affiliated with HBR, not does he receive any financial return from sales of this article. ]
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