set image with button?

noahwilsonnoahwilson subscriber Posts: 62 Bronze Level Member
Hello Guys,
Please suggest me html code for set button background image.
thank for any suggestion.


  • poshwebdeveloperposhwebdeveloper subscriber Posts: 0
    You can also try this
    <inputtype="button"value="Add a new row"class="button_add"/>
    input.button_add { background-image: url(/images/buttons/add.png);/* 16px x 16px */ background-color: transparent;/* make the button transparent */ background-repeat:no-repeat;/* make the background image appear only once */ background-position:0px0px;/* equivalent to 'top left' */ border: none;/* assuming we don't want any borders */ cursor: pointer;/* make the cursor like hovering over an <a> element */ height:16px;/* make this the size of your image */ padding-left:16px;/* make text start to the right of the image */ vertical-align: middle;/* align the text vertically centered */}
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