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How to promote blog

bhatngarashishbhatngarashish subscriber Posts: 5
edited August 2011 in Marketing
I want to promote my blog in google.Kindly suggest me some tips for this.Currently my Blog PR is 1.kindly suggest me some steps that how to increase I am already using forum posting and blog Commenting techniques for this.


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    anthony2313anthony2313 subscriber Posts: 1

    The is a product called blogging to the bank by Rob Benwell
    and he has made millions of dollars over the years with his
    blog strategies. You may want to check him out.
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    addyj672addyj672 subscriber Posts: 8
    Start with blog posting means ad contents to itself. After that you can perform different tasks and as well as ad contents like social news, questions, polls creation, sharing images and videos, user rating, community creation, page and blog creation, RSS feeds, sharing buttons and many more.
    Secondly after this you only need to promote your blog posting on different plat forum of social media. As you already doing forum and blog then you need to do the social media promotion.
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    johndiv23johndiv23 subscriber Posts: 1
    SEO is one way to get traffic. Or use Facebook, I personally use this. You can promote you blog here. You can also suggest this to your friends. But make sure you post it publicly so that everyone can see it.
    Another way is blog visits. vVsit others blogs and place some comments. And also forums.
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    SocialJeremySocialJeremy subscriber Posts: 0
    As many of the other posters have stated, SEO is the way to go if you're wanting to get your blog on Google search results.
    No one has actually given you actual tips about using SEO, so let me give you a simple idea of how to structure your blog posts to get on Google.
    *keep in mind that it's highly competitive out there, so it's important to do some good keyword/phrase research.
    Or you can experiment and just see what works
    Step 1: Keyword search
    Google Keyword is a good resource. Focus in on keywords or phrases YOU think people would type in to find your content (blog posts)
    If your blog is about fishing then you want to look at the keywords people are using to search for fishing.
    For example: fishing lures, fishing spots, fishing tackle, best fishing boats
    Step 2: Using Keywords/phrases on your blog
    For example, If I want to use "best lakes for fishing" as my key phrase, I will make a post about my favorite lakes for fishing and I'd have a good chance of being high on the search results (depending on keyword/phrase competition)
    Since you said you were commenting on blogs and forums already, you're doing the right things. Those are the best ways (guest posting too) to drive traffic back to your blog in its early stages.
    If you have any more questions or you're confused about anything that I've said fell free to message me.
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    gussie2gussie2 subscriber Posts: 0
    The first thing that you can do is publish your blog address in your online profiles. If you are using social networks include your blog address. Twitter, facebook, and linkedin are taking over the online space. Post comments on other blogs in your subject area. This is a great way to get traffic. If you make well thought out contributions then people will click on your link back to your website.
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    SusanSmithSusanSmith subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    I am not sure if you know about the term Link Baiting? If not, then try finding out about Link Baiting, this is one of the effective way of generating traffic on blog. Also try to write on topics that are contemporary and trendy. Write unique content. Write proper meta tags. Join discussions on social networks, forums, Q & A websites etc.
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    GaryBarzelGaryBarzel subscriber Posts: 1
    The most important thing in order for everything else to be successful is to constantly update your blog, by adding fresh new content. The content should be unique and relevant if you want to increase followers and build traffic.
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    carolynccourtneycarolynccourtney subscriber Posts: 0
    No quick solution to promoting your blog. It takes work, good old blue-collar work. If you like the theme of your blog is not enough then there is a good chance that you do not mind putting in time and not feel like work at all. Make a successful start with a blog post at a time.
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    RitchieRitchie subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there,

    I use an easy way to promote my blog and the result was amazing. I recommend you to follow this: http://bit.ly/hrfsJQ.

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    lcharlottenclcharlottenc subscriber Posts: 0
    I think it takes time for Google to index your site as well as the content within your blog. Another thing that could help is guest blogging on other sites like yours, as well as inviting guests to formally blog on your site.
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    pattifosterpattifoster subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, guest blogging is one of the best way to promote the blog. You could create for other blogs providing you a back-link returning to your own blog. There are many websites out there that allow individuals to add their own articles just create sure you study the guideline for each website.
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    free2012free2012 subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are using social networks include your blog address. Twitter, facebook, and linkedin are taking over the online space. Post comments on other blogs in your subject area. This is a great way to get traffic.
    Visit my site here
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    gomes0433gomes0433 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, you can promote your blog by using Blog syndication technique. There is one more option to promote the same and that is taking the help of link building techniques.
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    dimagicdimagic subscriber Posts: 0
    The main thing what is needed is to create fresh and interesting content (i.e. new posts) as often as you can at least at the beginning until your blog gets more authority and trust with search engines. Then you can support your blog with social networks activity as well (fan page on Facebook, videos for Youtube etc.). The more content you create the better chances your content has to be found via search engines and shared and/or linked to.
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    free2012free2012 subscriber Posts: 0
    I think the content should be unique and relevant if you want to increase followers and build traffic.
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