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WOMM - Word of Mouth Marketing



  • AddassaMariAddassaMari subscriber Posts: 2
    "It takes learning their techniques and strategies and then perfecting them, but the results can change a career or business."pmccord    If only persons in the marketing/sales industry could grasp that concept.  So many try to imitate the person and ignore the techniques and strategies, then wonder why they fail.  That lack of recognition of that fact is the downfall of many a network marketer.
  • truth2befreetruth2befree subscriber Posts: 0
    Word of mouth is much easier to find more prospected people bec. its alive and onething to share you in common goals, you can easily contact them as soon as you get them on the Biz.
  • SettingtheStageSettingtheStage subscriber Posts: 1
    One of the things I learned several years ago in a marketing workshop that I have used since and has served me very well is "Under promise and OVER produce!"  Clients love it when you give them more than they were promised.  My home staging business and my husband`s remodeling business is all built on referrals and  repeat customers.  We spend no money on marketing or advertising but do things for our clients like gift baskets, a bottle of wine, a Starbuck`s card, gift certificate to a nice restaurant or weekend at a hotel, etc., at the end of a job and always a huge Holiday Brunch as a way of thanking our clients for their business and their referrals.  It sure works for us.
  • MarketeerMarketeer subscriber Posts: 2
    Gail, I couldn`t agree more. Going the extra mile is where positive word of mouth begins.
    I think that small businesses blow away the competition when it comes to over producing. Think of how stagnant and structured large companies are when compared to the nimbleness of small businesses. Having a happy, referring customr base becomes an equalizer in the market at some point. Several people on the street raving about your business will overshadow the large marketing and advertising campaigns that the big guys use.
    The best part is that over delivering for your clients is the right thing to do. I find great satisfaction in that.
  • cashpriorcashprior subscriber Posts: 0
    Great post. I think that it greatly varies depending on what type of business you own. The number of referrals will greatly increase when the product or service you sell is a recurring one (like food services).
  • BenPetersonBenPeterson subscriber Posts: 0
    In order to create word of mouth, you have to be worth talking about in the first place.
    What is remarkable about your company?
    How are you providing an unparalleled experience?
    How does talking about you benefit your customers?
    I have found that simply giving people the answers they need, when they need them is enough to create some buzz. In an age of mediocre service, good service is worth talking about.
  • SettingtheStageSettingtheStage subscriber Posts: 1
    One of the other things I have learned through the years is ask for testimonials from your satisfied clients.  I have never had one turn me down and when you are marketing your business, prospect clients and customers will always believe someone you have done business with more readily than they will you.  And if  a client has told you they would write you one and you haven`t gotten it, a gentle reminder or two is okay.  Everyone is busy and some just forget but most people are willing to help if you have gone "above and beyond."
    I use parts and pieces of testimonials in everything I do.
    Just a word of caution:  When asking for the testimonial always ask for permission to use it in your marketing to others. Gailwww.stagingseattleandbeyond.com
    SettingtheStage5/16/2008 3:56 PM
  • Sparky68Sparky68 subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Marketeer,
    Thanks for a useful and thought-provoking post. I think this is right on the money. People like to buy but hate being sold too. So few marketing techniques work without alienating at least some other customers.
    I`ve heard it said that word of mouth marketing is the future, but the challenge for start ups are twofold: Firstly, you need to get the first mouth talking, and, secondly, they need to be saying the right things! I guess there`s more of an art to it than many of us suspect.
    With my own business, I`ve tried to leverage the good will of my customers by asking for testimonials and, in some cases, case studies:



    I`m interested to know if there are other ways that word of mouth can be managed actively...
    I`d be glad to hear feedback and ideas on this.
    Best wishes,
  • peterparkerpeterparker subscriber Posts: 1
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