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Coupon Saver CD - Fundraiser Program

CouponSaverCDCouponSaverCD subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in Website Critique
Hello SN,
We are approximately 2 weeks away from our official launch of fundraising program that is similar to Entertainment Book, but it`s digital.  I woud give more information about what we are doing, but I`m really looking for how well the website communicates that.

Remaining items for website

-Satisfaction guarantee text
-Flash intro on homepage
-Something for left column on homepage
-Fundraising articles (for SEO)
I look forward to your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to do so.


 Nick Pifer
Coupon Saver CD
Direct Marketing Media, LLC

CouponSaverCD7/17/2008 3:15 PM


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Except for one spelling error: "... we do require a creidit card number ...", I think that the site is very well laid out, easy to follow and easy to understand.I generally don`t like flash intros.  If you need one, make it quick and painless.The only thing I would add to the left column is to make the guarantee image into a link button to get to your written guarantee.  Save the rest of the real-estate for future use.One question comes to mind - could the fund raiser get a commission if they also bring some advertisers on-board?  Think of it - who would the advertiser be more receptive to, the local HS Parents Organization or yet *another* pitch from someone out of town or out of state selling advertising in a coupon book.
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    CouponSaverCDCouponSaverCD subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for the feedback and the spelling error catch.  Actually, the advertising is free to the local merchants so there isn`t really any barrier for the merchants to get on board.  Our goal is to have so many coupons that people use at everyday businesses that buying the CD fromt he fundraiser is a no brainer.
    Thanks again for the input.
    Nick Pifer
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    ...  Actually, the advertising is free...Still, I can think of many Parents Booster Groups that could bring a handful of advertisers with them into the program.
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    CouponSaverCDCouponSaverCD subscriber Posts: 2
    Thats a good point...we`ll have to put something together for that. 
    Thanks again!
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    ManipriyaManipriya subscriber Posts: 0
    Its very nice to here from you and will be expecting nice implementation.


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