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Email Marketing

NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
edited June 2006 in Marketing
Do you currently use emails to market your service or products?  If so, did you create the emails yourself or did you customize a template?  If you use a email marketing/e-campaign service then what factors did you consider before purchasing their service? 


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    We`ve had several threads on this forum about the benefits and importance of a regularly scheduled email campaign being a part of an overall marketing plan (if you haven`t yet, scan through back pages in the Marketing strategies, sales tactics, PR campaigns forum). The fact is: they work when done properly. I have helped many clients launch and maintain email campaigns and all have had good to great results. I have used both avenues: custom-made and templates - they both work. There are many good campaign services available and I have had good results and service from Constant Contact. I know others on this forum have recommended other services and I`m sure they are good, too. Just a matter of checking them out and most have free trials - test them out before you buy.
    In the early years, before the services appeared, I had no choice but to use custom-made. Now, with companies like Constant Contact and others, getting started is much easier. I now recommend CC in most cases to clients and all seem to adapt to it easily, if they decide to do their own writing and publishing. The fees are very reasonable - IMHO. The most important part of the service is the tracking stats after each issue is sent. This is where you determine the success rate and how to modify each following issue to create more and more success - by studying the numbers (scorekeeping for success).
    Content is king. Being in the real estate business, you have many, many stories to tell. By bringing knowledge and news and insights to your subscribers, you will establish value in yourself and services. Your goal is to make your name appear on the top rung of the ladder when they think about who they will choose - or recommend - when the words "real estate service" comes to mind. An email newsletter is part of a marketing stratgey that allows you the opportunity to reach the top rung and stay there.
    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress and success!
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    intiendesintiendes subscriber Posts: 0
    it is really nice to avail the free trial of every software so that you would really know what to expect and to be able to see the software with services that your looking for.You might want to try EmailReach for Improved Email Deliverability
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