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Product Sourcing

NickH28NickH28 subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Business Planning
Hello,I decided several months ago that I would start a business this year. The business model I`ve selected to use is an online retail business model.Since then I`ve been reading as much as I can on the subject.But every book and article I read seems to jump the gun and begin describing the nuts and bolts of running an online business without giving any real advise on Product Sourcing. Finding what Niche to occupy and where and how to effectively source these products.Does anyone know of a book or online resource that has concise information on this subject. I know about World Wide Brands and the Thomar Registry, but want to know how to source on my own.Basically I`d Like to Learn how to:1. Determine a Niche (How to conduct Market Reasearch Online?)2. Find Product Distributers and Manufactuers.3. And Most Important How to Contact Them and What To Say to Be Taken Seriously.ThanksNick


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    rlentlessrlentless subscriber Posts: 0
    1) What are you interested in?  What are your hobbies?  You should be able to find a niche in there somewhere.   Using the Google AdWords keyword tools can also help you narrow down a niche.  You want to look for keywords that have high search volume and low bids.
    2) I contacted manufacturers directly and asked them for information on distribution. 
    3) I contacted all of my distributors via email.  The most important thing that I have found is to include all of your information (Name, Address, Phone, Website, Tax ID) on the initial request. The MOST important item to include is a Sales Tax ID.  If you are serious about getting into online retailing, you need one.  Check with your State/Local goverment to find out how to obtain one. 
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    NickH28NickH28 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey Everyone,Thanks a lot for all the great advice.The Thirty Day Challenge seems very interesting and I`ve registered to get more info.
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