Experienced web-entrepreneurs, want to work together?

NeisonNeison subscriber Posts: 1
Hello,I`m launching a new website that connects people to local businesses using the Internet.Our web application is still in development, with the intention of 100% completion by the end of September. It`s unlike anything currently available, and we`re already getting positive reviews by leaders in the niche that we`ve targeted.I`m looking for entrepreneurs that are interested in working together to test and finalize business processes, set up customer service representation, 1800 numbers, determine advertising possibilities and other details.I`m especially looking for people that are experienced with setting up and managing joint ventures. I have already set up a few for this website myself, but it`s a bit of work to set them up from a cold call.Compensation will depend on the level of involvement and expertise you bring to the table.Obviously you have questions. If I`ve piqued your interest, please send me a private message with a reference to your successful Internet business and your phone number so that I can call you if my team thinks we can work together.Thanks for reading.
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