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Question on building my business idea...

BlingnjkblingBlingnjkbling subscriber Posts: 1
Ok I just came up with a business idea for an internet based service that I believe to be pretty brilliant. The thing is I`m only 22 years old and have very little experience on how to build upon an idea like this. I`m looking for a qualified person to go in on with this idea and try to make it a reality   ( obviously without the idea being stolen ) , could someone please tell me the best way I can go about at this?


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    txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    here you go:step 1: see if the internet service exists todaystep 2: see if anyone has tried to perform that service (either online or brick and mortar version)step 3: if there truly is no one doing the service try to find out why - with there aren`t enough customers, price is to low/high, there is no market, etc.sometimes people try to hard to develop a truly unique idea - when at times all it takes is improving upon something existing. google for one example. google was not the first search engine - but what they did do was develop an algorithm to provide more accurate searches than anyone else. word of mouth spread that google was the best search engine and the rest is history until another better search engine is created. myspace is another example - they were not the only networking website, facebook is one that comes to mind. but they did what they did better than the competition.my 2cents
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