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WoW! I`ve learned so much already on my first day on SUN!

AnUrbanTwistAnUrbanTwist subscriber Posts: 6
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My name is Nicole Annette.  I have recently relocated to lovely Asheville NC from Cleveland, OH and have been unable to find  job.  I decided to do what I enjoy most...design simple quality bags and recycled journals. 
While waiting to hear back from potential jobs, I began to create more handcrafted projects.  I sell online at www.AnUrbanTwist.com and www.AnUrbanTwist2.com.  An Urban Twist is my first online site where I sell unique and trendy handbags.  My Urban Twist II store is solely created for my journal addictions.  I decided to do something that I love...and that is being creative.
My bag shop has been doing well with sales, but my journal shop has been going great!  I opened the store in August and have already sold over 90 journals.  I now have my journals in two boutiques in two different states!  I am so excited about that. 
I joined SUN because, I desire to sell my journals to other stores and move upward with the business.  The two boutiques found me online and contacted me for sales.  I didnt have to do much at all.  This is the ideal way to sell, but it does not happen often. 
There is a small chain of stores I am looking to approach to sell my wares.  Can anyone give advice of where to begin?  I guess my question is: How do I get my handcrafted items into small store chains? 
I look forward to all the advice from other business owners.  Thank you so much for taking time to read this.  I really appreciate it!
Enjoy your day,


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Nicole,
    Now because the other question you asked about help on your bag sales.. you should ask yourself, what you are doing differently in marketing the journals and that should help you determine what part of the formula you may be missing with those beautiful bags if yours!
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    AnUrbanTwistAnUrbanTwist subscriber Posts: 6
    Erin,  That is the funny part!  I have done nothing to promote sells for the journals.  They sort of sell themselves.  I have put more money into the bags and have not had nearly as much success as I have with the journals.  And even with that, my journal sells are not consistent AND they are great prices!!!! I guess we will see...
    Thank you for your response, and enjoy your day!
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