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I’ve got a website...now what?

dayDreamerdayDreamer subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
edited October 2007 in Marketing
Hey there,
Any advice for a rookie?  I know I need to advertise and network by talking to people, handing out business cards, etc.... Does anyone have any great ideas about how to target college students?  Check out my website at www.wordsmithsandmore.com</A> to find out about my services. I`d love to hear your suggestions.  I have a few of my own, but it doesn`t hurt to hear what other people have to say. Thanks!  Also, I`ve even thought about trying to get contracts with companies...any advice on how I should do that?


  • OldNikkoOldNikko subscriber Posts: 0
    "We edit the following: advertisments, articles, books/manuscripts (novels, screenplays, short stories, etc...), brochures, catalogs, cover letters,CD-ROM content, essays, handbooks/manuals, interviews/profiles, letters, marketing/promotional materials, memos, newsletters, presentations, programs, reports, research papers, resumes, speeches, web content, and more.We design the following: brochures, calendars,fliers, gift baskets, invitations, menus, newsletters,presentations, price lists, programs, scrapbooks,and more"
    You might start by figuring out what you do... specifically.
    You`re using a shotgun when a scope-mounted high-powered rifle is in order... with a carefully targeted, specific market bulls-eye in mind.
    Start with doing one thing, and doing it well - then expand as you grow.
  • starrhornestarrhorne subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there - Congrats on getting something up & running. Here`s a few tips:Nix the splash page. They don`t do any good.Make a clear path to a big shiny "buy" button. Start a blog on a topic of interest to your target market.Start learning SEO: http://www.seobook.com/
  • bizbuddybizbuddy subscriber Posts: 0
    Here are a few more;
    1. blog (wordpress is free)
    2. In all marketing materials include an offer
    3. Incestivize an under ground gorilla marketing force on college campuses to shamelessly promote your service on the school intranet (beer is cheap)
    4. Go to Technorati, squidoo.com, del.icio.us, freeiq.com, stumbledon.com and create value packed articles & lenses pointing to your blog & site
    5. myspace and facebook are prime territory for your target market
    6. Contact me I`d like to add your service to my site
  • SandraPSandraP subscriber Posts: 3
    I agree with Starrhorne - you need a stronger call to action.
    I think a blog is a fabulous idea - show off your wares, so to speak.
    Also, what`s the difference between the three types of editing you offer? As a prospect I might thing I`m in the market for light editing and then be shocked to find out it`s substantive.
  • writerwriter subscriber Posts: 0
    One question... is the college crowd really a market you want to try to sell to? Most under grad college stsudents couldn`t really afford much per assignment. Grad students might have a larger budget and need more help. Grad students might also help lead you into some businesses. But small businesses are where you are the most likely to find a need with an ability to pay.
    When dealing with businesses you should use contracts for each assignment... even if they are little more than a detailed order form of what the client is hiring you to produce.
  • gerribrycegerribryce subscriber Posts: 0
    And if your business booms and you get to process a good number of credit cards online, get a merchant account to help you out!
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