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Need suggestion

jionjion subscriber Posts: 1


  • kathleen_ortankathleen_ortan subscriber Posts: 0
    First we need to fix all the opnsite errors like 1. Crawl Errors2. W3c Validator3. Is Gzip enabled4. Minify JavaScript and CSS5. Save images as .jpeg and graphics as .png6. Avoid CSS expressions7. Reduce DNS Look ups 8. Remove duplicate javascript9. Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header10. Add Meta Tags(Title tags, Keywords and Description)11. Add Alt Attribute to all the images
  • amitmaxamitmax subscriber Posts: 0
    On page work is totally related to making a page search engine friendly.If website or web page will as much search engine friendly as much chances will get good ranking.So its very important to perform On page work very carefully and must have quality.
  • esprintguyesprintguy subscriber Posts: 0
    Content and design are the key factors that should be given prime importance in on page SEO.
  • TheStreetTeamTheStreetTeam subscriber Posts: 3
    Write content for your site without thinking of keywords. Google will automatically assign you keywords. Your off-page links will determine your rankings. Don't fill in meta keywords fields.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    On page work is completely identified with making a page internet searcher friendly.If site or site page will as much web search tool benevolent as much shots will get great ranking.So its critical to perform On page work precisely and must have quality.
  • vivekshuklavivekshukla subscriber Posts: 130 Silver Level Member
    30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors A Beginner Should Know
    On-Page factors :
    * Keyword in title tag
    * Keyword in description tag
    * Keyword in H1 tag
    * Using keywords in the page's copy
    * Length of the content
    * Duplicate content
    * Canonical tag
    * Image Optimization
    * Content Updates
    * Outbound links
    * Internal links
    * Keyword in URL
    Site factors :
    * Sitemap
    * Domain trust
    * Server location
    * Mobile optimized site
    * Google Webmasters Tools integration
    Off Page factors :
    * The number of linking domains
    * The number of linking pages
    * PageRank of linking page
    * Link relevancy
    * Authority of linking domain
    * Links from homepage
    * Number of Dofollow vs. Nofollow links
    * Diversity of link types
    * Contextual links
    * Link anchor
    Domain factors :
    * Domain registration length
    * Domain history
    * Country TLD extension
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