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stores online - are they credible?

mybizmybiz subscriber Posts: 4
I was invited to attend the workshop by Stores Online held here in Malaysia. Just wanna check if anyone has had experience using their services?
 Many people signed up for their website/webhosting packages, which i reckon was rather overpriced (about USD4200 for 6 websites & USD 220/yr for hosting & support for each website). 
They also claim that we should have 1 website per product as this is the best way to market the item.  Is this true?
pls provide your responses..as I really feel those who have signed up with them at the workshop are being taken for a ride.


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    DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
    The 1 website per product is definitely false.  Paying $220 for hosting is fairly overpriced but the $4,200 is a definite red flag.  mybiz, there are any number of much cheaper, real, and even free options for owning an online store.    
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    VirVir subscriber Posts: 0
    I suggest:
    1. Visit www.Multi-TradeOnline.com</A>, where people who purchased multiple sites (storefront builder licenses) from StoresOnline are trying to resell the licenses they don`t need anymore.
    2. Search for Multi-TradeOnline.com using Google or Yahoo (or other) search engines -- and read what Multi-Trade`s webmaster has written/published in other sites or forums.
    Multi-Trade is doing this as a service -- not to make money for the site`s owner.
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    JakeJake subscriber Posts: 2
    There are several Open Source Online stores that do well.  Additionally, you can find some well priced inexpensive products.OS Commerce is a good tool that is open source.Here is another Online Store system:  Miva MerchantPost back here with your goals of the site.  The types of features you want to have and etc. You can get you a credible webhost and a good Online store system and you are off to the races.You will want to make sure that when you get your host they support the following:Language Online Store was written inasp and asp.net should be on a Windows Serverphp can be ran on Windows, but its best to run on Linux in most casesDatabase SupportMicrosoft SQL - Windows Based ServersMySQL - Linux based is highly recommended although they can be ran on WindowsMake sure your host can provide you with a DEDICATED IP Address for your store (Usually a small fee of a few dollars a month more)You will need an SSL certificate which should not cost you an arm or a leg.  SSL needs dedicated IP addresses (there is a way to use shared SSL but you dont want this)The bullets above may sound all technical, but its really simple stuff a crediable webhost can provide.  You will most likely want to make sure that your webhost has a good stats package so you can see where and how you are getting hits to your store and website.If you have any questions, please post back here and I will do what I can to help you.
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