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Consumer Created Advertising, will it be the trend?

anunciomediaanunciomedia subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Marketing
New Advertising service websiteWe are a small startup company and recently launched a website that basically targets the Ad community. It helps ad-seekers place a solicitation and get registered ad-designers to submit their designs and price that they are willing to sell this design for.The website is www.AdKafe.comPlease provide your comments/feedback about the idea, site and the business.Thanks 


  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    As the professional design industry in general frowns on the use of speculative - or "spec" designs - in the creation of advertising or graphic designs, I suspect you will run into some resistance to your service from designers.  You will always find some designers willing to particpate, simply due that some will be willing to take the "chance" at making some income.The issue of "spec" design has become a major industry issue. More information may be found on the NO!SPEC website.I don`t think that "consumer created advertising" will become a trend.  It may be a satisfactory tool for some businesses.  For some it will just be a low-cost service that may not best serve the often specific advertising needs of their business.- J.
  • anunciomediaanunciomedia subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, Craig,We appreciate your encouraging comments about our business idea and would like to also thank you for providing many constructive suggestions on improving our website. We surely will go through them carefully and hope to present our site effectively to the potential users.AdKafe.com Team
  • rossbrossb subscriber Posts: 5
    Jeff -As usual you nailed it!  There will always be a few people willing to design on spec but this will ultimately shine a poor light on the design community since  generally it`s non-designers who participate (just hoping to make a few extra bucks by throwing their concept into the hat).  The buyer gets what they pay for and are then dissatisfied, they blame the "designer" who is really just my brothers, second cousin`s 12 year old daughter who uses "Paint" on her PC...R-
  • anunciomediaanunciomedia subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi,Thanks for the comments. Your points are well-taken.AdKafe.com Team
  • anunciomediaanunciomedia subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Ross,Thanks for your comments. "The buyer gets what they pay for and are then dissatisfied" - In our system this will never be the case. The buyer will only buy when he/she wants to buy.AdKafe.com team
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Might add some more credibility if you disclose something more about you and your organization on the website - just a thought.
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15

    The issue of "spec" design has become a major industry issue. More information may be found on the NO!SPEC website.
    Jeff thanks for posting the NO!SPEC link. Never knew there was an organized campaign against it.Sure! It`s become a great resource for design professionals around the world.  NO!SPEC has been getting a lot of support in the industry from oganizations, publications, design firms and individual designers.- J.
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