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Swarm, Business Name

ARiskARisk subscriber Posts: 4
edited February 2007 in Marketing
Hello,I am new to this web-site and new to having my own business.  I am a crafty person who enjoys using my in-laws honeybee farm for inspiration.  Recently, I have mastered a lip balm recipe using beeswax and would like to sell the product along with other beeswax items such as hand cream, and candles.  I intend to do this on a part-time basis, as I am an at home-mom with an infant.  My target consumer is the younger crowd looking for natural products.  My question is what should I name my business?  I really like the name "Swarm".  I have noticed that my competition is kind of farmy (not a word I know) and I would like to get away from that image.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!Angela


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    ARiskARisk subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes I have looked into it and Swarm, as far as I can tell, is free and clear!I am trying to stay away from the county image.  For example bee`s buzzing around on beautiful red and purple flowers in front of the porch of an old farm house where grandma and grandpa are rocking in their old wooden chairs.I would like to build an image that revolves around being environmentally friendly.  I use only recycled & renewable ingredients & containers.  I would like to appeal to the younger crowd who want natural beeswax products but also want a "hip" item at he same time.
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    JulioFJulioF subscriber Posts: 0
    Angela, I like the name! And SWARM, Bee Natural is catchy as well.Remember to consider which Website names are available, if you have any ideas about taking your business to the web. It may influence your naming. My wife & I each have our own businesses, and one of the considerations was whether or not the company name was available. In the case of my endeavor, I came up with a totally new word, which made it easy to be unique! Maybe combine SWARM in several ways with other words? I DO like the fact that SWARM is short & sweet = easily remembered. 
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    Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I must say I like honey in my tea, and the Swarm does think of killer bees, but if you want something young, hip and sexy. "Bees Do It" is just an idea. or Stinger honey. Still I would check out if any of these names are available. 
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