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Accepting Credit Cards

CasiCasi subscriber Posts: 5
Hello. I`ve been using PayPal for over a year and I`m very happy with it.  In my particular case, I did not have any web experience before starting my business and it was important for me to have simple solutions that I could personally manage.  Not only would I recommend PayPal, but I am also very happy with my shopping cart service: AuctionInc. They have an extremely accurate method for calculating shipping costs for all the major carriers. Casi2009-1-28 23:52:48


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    RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    Pay the monthly charge and get on with building a successful business.
    You do not grow a successful business by cutting costs.
    I have been paid for significant contracts by credit card - and you will too.
    It`s a necessary "investment" in your business and should never be considered a cost except when filing your tax return.

    RicWillmot12/30/2007 6:33 AM
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    OnTrayOnTray subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree with Ric. 
    Do you use Quick Books for your accounting?  They have a program where you can except credit cards and it just integrates into the program.  It`s really not too expensive.
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    mattadamsmattadams subscriber Posts: 2
    We actually use Charge.com, and pay about $15 a month + 2 - 3 % (depending on card, Amex is 3%) per transaction. 
    We use a virtual terminal, and never see the card, so we are classified as "phone sales". 
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    toymantoyman subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, go with CC, but don`t go near anyone charging you $50 or more per month.  We have tried several vendors for this and have been happiest with both Costco (the discount you get makes up for a membership fee even if you aren`t a member) and Quickbooks Merchant Services.  Currently we have 5 different merchant accounts, all with Quickbooks and their service has been great.  If you ever have reason to have more than one account, ask them for a discount - we`re down to $9.95 per month for most of them.
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    tommyjeanstommyjeans subscriber Posts: 4
    Costco is very cost effective.  Paypal or Google Checkout, they`re no where near the $50 a month.
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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    I use paypal. It`s a good service. A few times I`ve had customers who have had trouble with it, but  then you can walk it through for them, or you can do it for them (if you`re not dealing it tons of volume sales -- we do contract service, so we don`t get more than 8 sales a month).  I`ve enjoyed paypal because of their options.  Someone makes a payment and it goes into our bank account.  The auto-rebilling features are also very easy to use.
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    MerchantProfMerchantProf subscriber Posts: 0
    About the only monthly expense that you should have is your statement fee, which should be $10 or less. Some merchant account providers also have a monthly minimum, which is almost a non-issue, as any business that has customers should meet this minimum.
    Quickbooks merchant service uses a 5 tier discount pricing structure, don`t they? If so, you are leaving some money on the table there.
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    purpleryderpurpleryder subscriber Posts: 0
    Have you considered  Obopay as another option for accepting payment? This is a payment service similar to PayPal except payment is made over cell phones. You can receive payments via  ones cell phone to your own cell phone. Sending  money regardless the amount is only 25 cents! Receiving money and Membership are totally free! You even have the option to have  all received money  held in trust in a membership account or direct deposited into your own bank account. Only fees charged is if you fund your membership account with a credit card or ATM debit card which will charge a 2% fee. Funding thru your bank account is free. You can sign up and receive a link to offer your customers to sign up thru and get paid $5 for each referral that signs up and sends money. Have your customer sign up prior to close of sale and make $5 off the transaction   For details:  https://www.obopay.com/consumer/Welcome.do or contact :   r.lyon@verizon.netRich3/21/2009 12:37 AM
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    ChrisBenjaminChrisBenjamin subscriber Posts: 13
    I`ve been using Paypal, so far great.  $30/month and like how its then right in my Paypal account which I use for business anyways. 
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    JenniferKimJenniferKim subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve used Paypal for selling on Ebay.  From my experience, they are great for protecting the buyer but not so much for the sellers.  They basically allow chargebacks for almost any reason.  I`m not sure if a merchant account would be any different; just throwing my 2 pennies in =)
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    StevenSStevenS subscriber Posts: 1
    I personally wouldn`t use paypal for your business unless your sales volume is really small (or you`re on ebay). The cost and fees are very expensive compared to what other vendors charge for their processing.
    I would check out Quickbooks, COSTCO or Charge.com, compare prices and decide which is better for you. I think all of them would be less expensive then Paypal and you have more control and can grow your business with them.
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