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JasonGJasonG subscriber Posts: 8
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Hi all!
Well, I found out about this site when I was viewing small business videos on the Microsoft Office live website. (Yes, I have taken advantage of their FREE services!).  I have been stuck on this site for a few days now!  It`s awesome!  But, about me....(isn`t that what this is supposed to be about! 
My name is Jason Greenwell.  You can read a lot more about me in my profile.  In a nutshell, I am currently in the US Air Force and starting/running my business.  My business is in the business of serving startups, small to medium business, and non-profit organizations.  We are The IT Support Department LLC.  What we do is provide IT Support for businesses so that they can focus on there business.  We also make it very affordable.  We provide a wide range of services for local companies.  For companies abroad, we provide virtual support.  With our virtual support services, we don`t need to be at your location.  As long as you have an internet connection, we can fix your IT issues virtually.  Our main focus is providing preventative maintenance services on information systems.  You should be able to keep a computer for at least 7 years with proper maintenance.  However, a lot of people and small businesses don`t maintain there systems properly or can`t afford to have an IT department and end up having to purchase new equipment or paying some "computer expert" 700 dollars just to replace a hard drive (a 15 minute job).  My partners and I  have more than 30 years of experience in various fields of information technology and have gotten most of our training from the USAF. 
There is a digital divide, there are those that live above it and there are those that live below it.  There are companies out there that are taking advantage of people that live below it by charging outrageous prices for jobs that only take a few minutes.  In fact, I know of one company (without mentioning names) that trains there workers for 2 WEEKS and sends them out to provide there "expert help" with computer issues, the charges 99.00 plus labor even if they don`t fix it!  Our goal is to protect your organization and provide IT management services in a cost-effective manner.  We are your very own IT Department!  We are passionate about our work and take pride in every job accomplished. 
Essentially we are a businesses Chief Technology Officer, staffed with experts to provide businesses with an enterprise level IT department, virtually and on site.  From assesment to design, implementation to maintenance, problem resolution to on-going help desk support.  Coming soon, we will be providing remote data back-up - more to come on that. 
We are excited at the opportunity to be able to provide these services cost effectively to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency, provide reliable IT guidance, and ensure high data integrity and security.  Advantages we have over some IT services companies is that our employees currently have, had or has the capability to hold government security clearances, are extensively trained, and we maintain high integrity in all things we do.
Maybe I rambled a little bit, but we are extremely excited and are hoping to make this a successful endeavor not only for us, but for the businesses that we support.  You can read an article about me www.itsupportdept.com
Excited to be here,
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