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Hello all,

I`m new round these parts, so I hope you don`t mind me posting here,
but this could well be of interest to some of you creative technology entrepreneurs
and innovators out there. b.TWEEN 07 is a unique event
bringing together pioneers from the worlds of mobile, gaming, TV,
advertising, branding, software, art and design. It`s all about
networking, but with a difference - it`s not just a platform for the
usual stale self promotion, more a highly interactive,
engaging, energetic melting pot, to inspire leaders of companies that
exploit digital technologies in innovative ways.

So if you have a cool new
idea and are convinced it will make money, then come along and bounce
it around amongst the countries finest creative business minds.
It`s an honest, open, fascinating opportunity you really shouldn`t
miss! (and it`s coming very soon!)

b.TWEEN is 2 day event held at the National Media Museum in Bradford,
UK, 14-15 June 2007.Check out the website for more details:

Thanks for reading



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