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Newbie from Southern Tier NY needs HELP!!!!

MoskeeMoskee subscriber Posts: 2
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Hello Everyone,
I`m looking forward to a great 2008!
I`m starting a gourmet cookie biz and any info on packaging - where to get what - would be helpful.
Also, I`m looking for a commercial kitchen/bakery in the Binghamton, NY area. Interested in renting 2-3 times a week, preferably during nights or weekends. I can be reached at 607-427-9719.


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    phillrwphillrw subscriber Posts: 0
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    studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6

    When I had a new product that needed packaging, there were a number of things I did.  I will list them here, and you can apply what seems relevant to you.

     My first step was to get advice from someone who made similar products and had current relationships with stores similar to the ones I would be targeting.  That gave me an initial idea of the kind of packaging I was looking to design.  I think there are other food industry entrepreneurs here who could get into the details with you of what has worked for them.
    Then, with the packaging concept in mind, I sent my product to a graphic designer who specializes in packaging.  I listed all of the features and benefits for him to include and also some product photos and my logo (which I drew myself by hand.)  He designed a wonderfully pulled together look for the package.
    Neither one of us could find the exact plastic bag we were looking for, so I googled "wholesale packaging."  And eventually ended up on ebay where I could buy a smaller quantity to start out with.  They have cello packaging that is approved for food: S.because they have many styles of packaging to choose from and will do the printing too.
    The thing that cost way more than I planned was the printing, again due to the initial quantities being smaller.  The packaging added about $2.00 to the total cost of the item, which retails for $34.00.  Ouch!  Here is what the front looks like.  On the backside, the theme is maintained and the features and benefits are listed.  On the inside, there are folding instructions.
    This packaging seemed great for some of the bigger stores I was hoping to sell to.  The product was protected and explained.  A couple of great boutiques picked it up packaged that way.  But I found that different stores have different packaging desires.
    When I delivered an order myself to a boutique that was closer to home, the first thing the owner did was to throw my packaging out!  We had a great conversation about how his customers like to feel and try a product.  He felt that it was something that did not necessarily need to be in a sealed package.  That put me back to the drawing board.  This time, I designed the packaging myself.
    The new packaging features a photo of the product in use.  Since this is a new product no one has seen before, I think that helps having that photo front and center – on the sealed packaging, that photo was on the backside.  I still have the features and benefits on the back, but had to pare down to the bare essentials because the packaging is smaller.  I still have the folding instructions on the inside.
    All in all, I like the new packaging better because it is a product that is nice to feel and explore.  I get frustrated in stores when I need a sales person to help me open something up to see what is included or check the quality of a product.  When the product has been out there a while and people know what it is, then maybe it can go into big stores in a sealed package.

    Since your product is food, much of this may seem irrelevant, but I do think that retail storeowners and managers can be a valuable resource for you.  Product display space may be an issue for them that you can address with a packaging solution.  I’ve seen some great new food products that came with their own printed cardboard stand, so the grocer can set them up anywhere and the display is always great – you don’t have to rely on the grocer to give you good shelf space.  Everybody`s Nutsis one company who comes to mind
    .  If having a ready made display sounds appealing, I would contact them about their cardboard display stands and ask where they get them.
    I hope some of this helps.

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