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Advertising and Budget

SamsamSamsam subscriber Posts: 5
edited October 2006 in Marketing
Hello, I would like to know what percentage of your budget should be spent on print advertising.  Thanks!


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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I`ve heard of several metrics but I`m not sure that any of these metrics are modern. It really depends on how you run your business. Print advertising is generally expensive, so if your budget is smaller you may have little choice except to spend less than the "recommended" amount. One "trend" at present is to use public relations to establish a brand and then follow with print advertising to maintain your brand`s "mindshare".
    Many consumers tend to tune out advertising, which has in the opinion of some businesspeople, decreased advertising`s effectiveness. Basically, there`s so much advertising that it`s becoming increasingly harder to stand out. Public relations on the other hand, relies more on placing stories in print media, online, etc., or getting your name and business name into stories. Public relations can also involve event planning, etc.
    Here are a few links with information about your question:
    a/Online-Marketers-Encouraged-To-Siphon-from-Print-Budgets.a spx
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    RenegadeRenegade subscriber Posts: 0
    Print advertising is very hard to track. Coupons or coupon codes can help track them though. Codes are generally better as many magazines go through several sets of hands before being thrown out, and coupons that need to be cut out can`t be "reused". Then again, you need the "cut out" coupons for retail. Codes work well online. So, depends on where you`re trying to get your conversions. 
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    BarryMorrisBarryMorris subscriber Posts: 0
    Monica,I agree that print advertising (direct mail) isn`t the best option for your company.  Perhaps you`re thinking about newpaper ads, announcements in local venues, etc.? Print ads, even in these targeted venues, are very diifficult to track. Of course, if you`re only running on ad, then you can track it nicely! Your web site should be the ideal marketing hub. The goal: attraction, conversion, consumption, in that order. Attraction attention, convert visitors to propsects with an opt-in piece (persmission to contact them in the future); consumption of your services or products.Barry
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