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Buisness PLan

whtowlwhtowl subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Business Planning
I am new here to Startup Nation. After many years of working for my family and doing what I love as a hobbie, photography, its finaly time to take my photography to the next level. I feel to be able to have a successfull photography buisness I need a good strong buisness plan. I have been struggling with this for some time  and have read several books on the subject but for some reason have mental block when it comes to getting started writing it. I feel once I can get started on it all will fall into place. Any sugjestions would be greatly appriciated. thanks.


  • ScanSmartScanSmart subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m glad to hear that you are starting with a plan rather than just operations.  The plan carries so much importance because of the process of writing it.  I wouldn`t worry too much where to start or how to start.  Just start writing about your business.  Who are you?  What services do you provide and to whom?  Why do people want to give you their money?  By fighting through these questions, the sections will start to unravel from your pen.  Once you have written a good amount, then try to break it into sections and further refine what you`ve written.  The purpose of the plan is to really get you thinking about what the business and how it makes money.
  • whtowlwhtowl subscriber Posts: 1
      Thanks so very much for your helpfull advice. The things you suggested are the very things I have been struggling with just not on paper. I start by brainstorming a bit each night and then when I get a bit written will pick it apart and break it down into sections. I guess right now I just need to concentrate on who I want to target and the type of photography buisness I want it to be and not worry about the financial part of it at this time. Any more ideas would be greatly apriciated. Thanks.
  • Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
      Krhale232007-2-28 20:18:53
  • BWFBWF subscriber Posts: 0
    I Would talk with the SBA. I found they were very helpful and free.
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