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Outsourcing web site development

mln2cmln2c subscriber Posts: 2
Hello to all,
I am new to startupnation.com but already found many interesting topics.
Like some other users I also activelly thinking of outsourcing overseas the develpment of a website. I have a very limited knowledge of PHP  and no experience of project mangement in the IT business. I have project management experience in the construction business. 
I have already drawn:
1) Project description
2) Multiple layouts of the webportal that I feel to completely describe the project
I have been googling on in:
3) Webdesign contracts
4) Testing requirement
My main concern is what I should require from the developer company when the website is completed. How should the code be provided (text, file?)  How can I check if the correct and complete code is being provided?
How can I avoid legal problems and guarante tha I have complete ownership rights over the portal that is being built?
I would also like to question about issues that are a MUST in 1) project description and in 4) Testing requirements and that maybe I am fogetting to mention in these documents.
I would also very much appreciate tips and experiences in using sites like www.getacoder.com and other IT outsourcing solutions.


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    SERGIOSERGIO subscriber Posts: 16

    Be very careful about who you hire to create your website. There are many web developers out their claiming to be "professionals" From experience (I`m sorry to say) I can tell you that hiring  unprofessional web developers will cost you a lot of headaches, frustration, time & extra money to fix their half completed sloppy job. So be careful. Ask to see their work, contact some of their past clients and put everything in writing.  



    But if you’re looking for a referral to a good web developer i could point you in the right direction send me a PM 



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    NicholasNNicholasN subscriber Posts: 2
    I too will like to echo the cautions expressed above. If you are going to outsource to India be prepared to do 99% of the work yourself. They can only develop exactly what you specify. Offshore development gets you only programing expertise, there will be zero creativity, minimal understanding of what the project is all about and minimal input on what is the best way to put the site together. You`ll have to design every single screen, navigation, processes etc and then seek someone to make it come live.
    You can also spend 10x the rate and hire a business savvy,creative web developer in the states that has the thinking skills to understand what you are looking for and get it done right. Good luck.
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