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Marketing - Pay or do it yourself?



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    GlamourTagsGlamourTags subscriber Posts: 0
    Someone else can`t do the marketing for you!
    Especially for a new business you will be the one having to define and decide what the message is. However, you can find a lot of professional experienced help you guide you through the process. And it is up to you if you want to immerse yourself into the details of market research, competition analysis, positioning, advertising, pay per click, SEO, etc.
    As a rule of thumb I`d suggest stay away from any solicited offer. Find peers, businesses that are comparable and ask their owners, who they are using and why.
    Another tidbit, Marketing is about measured experiments. Anybody telling you he knows how to write the best copy and how to reach the top of everything (by sheer doing w/o feedback loops), is at best fooling themselves. You need to define the goal of Marketing first (lead generation, conversion, brand awareness, etc.) and then implement measurements (visitors, conversion rate, revenue per [new] customer, ...) to quantify success and then failure. And it never stops. It is like a competitive race. You always try to change/improve and measure the results.
    Good luck
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    HRB1HRB1 subscriber Posts: 2
    Greetings Mike and everyone ,
     I definitely agree that usually it comes down to whether you have the time to do it yourself or have the resources to hire a marketing company.  There`s really no right or wrong, it all comes back to your assessing your personal situation and what`s most conducive towards maximizing your time, energy, and monetary resources.

    www.wowzzy.com "Bringing small business to the big table!"
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    eleeelee subscriber Posts: 0
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    intronicheintroniche subscriber Posts: 1
    There are things you can and should outsource: everything you either can`t do
    or everything that adds so little value that you`re better off outsourcing it elsewhere.
    For my business, I`ve outsourced the coding of the website (I`m hopeless there), the graphic design (dito) and the beginning of the SEO and SEA campaigns (which I`ve taken back in hand) and the accounting (as frankly I`m not so strong there either).
    But most of the times, marketing is something you want to keep in-house for as long possible as it`s too crucial for your project.
    Best regards,
    Sam Desimpel


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