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restaurant funding

zerwitt14zerwitt14 subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2015 in Elevator Pitches
I am an aspiring restauranteer looking for funding for my venture.
Any interests out there?!!


  • zerwitt14zerwitt14 subscriber Posts: 1
    What an adult video productioncompany gets 17+ replies, a restaurant get none!
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I sense the "frustration " in your second message, so I have to ask:
    What were you expecting from your first post on this topic?
  • zerwitt14zerwitt14 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you, this is excactly the response I was wanting, people reading this!
    I was saving the information for once an interest was shown.
    To the point:
    Yes business plan is complete, and heve been working the bank, my attorney, real estate brokers, accountants, etc. for the past year.  It keeps coming back to have money. 
    My market is Indianapolis, IN, on the southside, where the market is ripe for the type of venture I am looking to start.  To protect my idea I`ll just say it is a fine dinning/winebar concept. 
    CraigL:  I purposely was vauge, I am new to this site and very skeptical of posting to much info for the world to see.  In my experience there is not too many folks interested in restaurants, so I was simply dangling the carrot looking for a bite.
    For more info you can email me:
    [email protected]
  • zerwitt14zerwitt14 subscriber Posts: 1
    So what else would you like to know?
    ROI is about 20% over 6 years. with payments beginning in year 2.
    who is your target market?
    targeting the 30-44 year old age range in upper middle class areas close to our restaurant.(tier one of the target market)  The population living within 5 miles of the location is 123,778.  The average income with in a five mile radius of our location is $59,169.
    what are your startup costs?
    roughly 500,000
    what are you offering to a potential investor?
    about 20% ROI on initial investment, ownership, and potential expantion leading to further ROI.
    when do you expect to be running in the black?
    less than one year.
    what`s your backup plan?
    nothing set in stone, but I have more concepts to spin off, and at least sell everything (or Franchise)and break even.
    how much do you need?
    $500,000 to get going.
    when do you hope to open?
    at this point summer or fall of 2007, spring is still still possible for the next couple of months.
    Please email for more info.  I am not just asking for money, I have been working on this for over two years, and start up funds are the only thing between me and signing a contract for construcion.
    I`d be glad to give you more info about the project and me if you email me.
    [email protected]</A>
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    When you say  you are offering 
    about 20% ROI on initial investment, ownership, and potential expantion leading to further ROI.
    Do you mean 20% per year - which means the initial investment would nearly triple in value at the end of year 6
    If you are proposing an equity deal - what do you mean when you say
     with payments beginning in year 2.?
  • zerwitt14zerwitt14 subscriber Posts: 1
    Do you mean 20% per year - which means the initial investment would nearly triple in value at the end of year 6
    Sorry, that is 20% on the amount invested. 
    If you are proposing an equity deal - what do you mean when you say with payments beginning in year 2.?
    I would not begin repayement until the start of year two, this is to reduce expenses in year one.  Then all investments will be paid off in five years.
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It sounds like you are seeking a loan of $500K with a 20% interest to be repaid over a 5 year period - payments to start in year 2.
    If so - then your annual payments would be $159,000.
    You should be able to get a loan for less than 20% interest.
    If you are looking for an equity investor, you`ll probably have to show them a better than 20% per year return.
    I`m not wanting to be harsh - but you do need to be clear about what kind of capital you are seeking and what kind of deal you are willing to offer.
  • hardknocksmbahardknocksmba subscriber Posts: 1
    The other thing that`s missing here is some indication of what your experience is in the restaurant business (unless I overlooked it). If you`ve run successful restaurants, that`s one thing. If you like to eat out and think you have a great idea, that`s quite another thing.
  • loanbrokerloanbroker subscriber Posts: 0
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  • centerprisecenterprise subscriber Posts: 0
    Look into angel investors would be my advise. The best that I have found is at www.breadstreet.com . They have investors that are ready to place their money as quickly as possible with the right investment opportunity.
  • karrenweizekarrenweize subscriber Posts: 0
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