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Can you keep a secret and tell me what you know?

PilotMitchPilotMitch subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2009 in Startup Funding
I am in the early stages of trying to turn my idea and business plan into something a little more..... real. I have a couple of questions as I work on my business plan and get ready to go angel hunting.
My initial thought is to contact local entrepreneurs who have made their money in the same industry. To my knowledge, my idea is pretty unique so should I be concerned about sharing it with people in the industry who would have the ability to take the idea and run. Is there anyway to protect myself from this? Obviously, it would be a great thing if my idea turns out to be good enough to steal but I`d like to come out of this with something more than a burning resentment. I realize that finding an angel is likely to be an uphill battle anyway and don`t want to come across in my initial contact as a jerk.
Somebody here suggested I think about adding people to my team to make my plan more attractive to a potential investor. Currently, my team consists of me. Adding staff - a VP Sales or Marketing - would greatly increase my capital requirements and I`m not sure I could attract good candidates to a seed stage company anyway. Do you think it would be feasible to add directors or an advisory board? If so, that brings up a couple more questions. What sort of compensation do these positions normally command? Also, good candidates for an advisory board are also likely to be suitable to be investors. Can I pitch to them as an either/or proposition? Would you like to be a board member and/or an investor?
I`d greatly appreciate your thoughts on these questions.


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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    Asking your competitors how to best compete with them rarely works.
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    NovashunNovashun subscriber Posts: 4

    Asking your competitors how to best compete with them rarely works.
     HAHA.. Thats hilarious. But so true!  Instead, look at the different information you need. Figure out how you can get it by posing as a competitors potential client. I do it all the time and it works well -  For instance,  My name is Samuel Johnson and my wife and I have just submitted for patent the all new Doggy Crate Self Cooling system. We would like to do some advertising on your website or within your network - What methods do you use for advertising? Can you share statistics, costs, or send us out a media kit? How many actual paying members visit your web site daily that would view my ads?  You have to be smarter than just begging for advice from someone who already hates you, has no time, and would never help someone that is trying to take their business. Business is WAR, if you dont have Spies, Artillery, and Counter Terrorism squads - You dont have an Army built yet my friend.    If The WEB Scenario is what your looking for - If you really want to do some research - And this was a web based business - Check out Compete.com -   
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