Hows this?

missartgurlmissartgurl subscriber Posts: 1
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Charming vintage fabric pillows/ handbags, pet collars, more!
I had to do this to advertise in blockbuster mag Mary Englebreit`s Home Companion-3 MILLION readers! They have a section where you can advertise for $12.95 per word, min 10 words. Website counts as 2 words.So Im doin it!  Email me and Ill give ya the website add. Comments advice please.


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    considering the restraints you are under (price/words) I think you have done well. If I were in the market for anything related to pillows, handbags, and pet products, I would take a look. It`s too bad you can`t place some type of call to action in there like, "find the style for you before they are gone." But really, it`s not that important considering.
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