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Suggestions ... selling my Hovertising business

mikewofseymikewofsey subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2008 in Marketing
Hi Everyone,
I posted here a few months ago about commercializing a business, and a lot of folks in Startupnation helped me.
Now, due to a crushing workload, I have to sell my business. After months of telling myself that I would "start marketing it when I have time," I now have to admit to myself that I will not have time. I am in the Ph.D. program for Physics at UA, and my committee rejected my research, so I am now at square one again and I will not have any time for at least a few years.
Therefore, I am selling my Hovertising business. I put a listing up for the business on eBay, but I am hoping that the folks here can suggest a few different places where I can spread the word about the sale.
I started the bidding at only $100, and the sale includes the Patent and about $6000 worth of equipment and supplies, but still nobody has bid on it!
Any suggestions? Click here for the link to my auction ...
My main goal right now is to finish my degree, but I need to sell the business because I need to free up space in my office, I need to free up time, and I need the money.
Thanks, any help is appreciated.


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    mikewofseymikewofsey subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Winston,
    I`m pretty committed to selling the business. It`s tough because I`m sure the person who buys it will make a success out of it, and I`ll only have the sale price (which just covered the equipment and development) to show.
    But c`est la vie. I just don`t have the time to do it.
    I have a sample one in my living room, the symmetry of the thing really gives me some pleasure.
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