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Some input please

miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Website Critique
Please take a look at my site and see if im heading in the right direction.
 I still have a lot of products to list but tell me what you all think.
www.signaturestyle.net</A>   Thank you for your input.


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just my opinions....The header graphics is too tall, with too much empty space.The blank left column serves no purpose.The first thing I see is large pictures of expensive products. Nowhere do I see anything to know anything about you....your company...why I should buy form you or trust you...nothing about your company, policies, any information at all. Looking at this version, I would not think 2 seconds about using your service. Shouldn`t I know who you are, where you are, your company policies, guarantees .... something to put a little trust into me towards your company?Sell yourself along with the product.
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Good Points.  Thank you.
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Yeah.  Maybe I should take the watches and jewelry link down untill I am ready to sell watches and jewelry.  I want to sell a range of fashionable products such as pens (of course), sunglasses, watches, and jewelry.  I havent looked into Cross Pens yet. I just started with Parker and Waterman.  Thank you for your input.  Only 2 replies and I have gotten very valuable info from them.
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks.  Does it look any better?  www.signaturestyle.net</A>
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks.  That sounds good.  Can I use it?
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
     I made my first 2 sales recently.  Very exciting.  My site traffic has had about 500 people this month.  I now need to figure out how to turn those lookers into buyers.  Any suggestions on that?
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    What do you think about my adsense location?  Do you think it is a deal breaker?  Maybe its not worth the extra few dollars a month?  Ill probably let it run for a while and see what happens.
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    I took a sales course once and the main theme from the instructor was, "make them want the pen!" The idea was that in order to get someone to sign the contract you had to have an attractive pen that people want to touch and write with. Sounds crazy but it worked. We all went out and bought expensive pens the next day. On your site you should start with pens and end with pens, maybe some examples of great penmanship such as John Hancock but first and foremost pictures of great pens.
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Adsense ads are for content sites. If I go to your site and see ads for products other than what you`re selling then I think you really don`t believe in your products or you`re doing so poorly that you have to supplement with ads. Ecommerce and ads don`t mix.
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Good pionts.  Thank you.  The asdsence are gone.    Now Ill spend the next week straightening up since I just learned how to remove the blue borders from the images.
  • PrentPrent subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m no graphics artist but here`s my two cents:1.  I`d move the search box from the top of the page (because I think it looks strange there) to the right side of the page on the same line as your navigation links2.  I would add links to products you carry on the home page as opposed to listing them on the Pens page3.  If you keep the Pens page, I would make the images of the pens links to the respective pages4.  On the Contact Us page, the form is too wide5.  I don`t care for the Suggested Websites page - they don`t seem to add any value to your site and you`re giving customers a way to leave your site.  Also there should be a unified font6.  Each of your pages seems to have a different layout theme.  I`d try to make the pages look more consistent7.  On the related Articles page, I`d get rid of the Office Live link (adds no value)8.  I`m using Firefox on a mac and your telephone # is chopped and I can`t see the last 2 digitsGood luck with your site!
  • miketmbtmiketmbt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you. I do need to work on those points.  I use office live and some things I just cant change.  Office live also doesnt work very well with firefox.  I had to redo my pages to be real simple for them to look somewhat ok in firefox.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    ** Off Topic **I wonder if Microsoft actually tries to be different from the entire rest of the world. Ya think?In a former life, I was the technology manager for a company that did legal document imaging and indexing.  Our office was handling the mountain of documents from Sun in the 1999 Sun v Microsoft case over the future of Java.  It appears that the crux of the suit was that Microsoft was "modifying" Java so that programs written in Microsoft Java wouldn`t run correctly on other platforms.  Microsoft lost, by the way.Steve
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