What Makes a Great Mentor or Advisor?

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I get (and give) business advice all the time.  Ultimately I find common threads that resonate with me - and that is the way I go. Even then though, the advice isn`t always great.
How do you find great advisors and mentors? And how do you separate the good advice from the bad?
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    I generally look at the track record of the individual relative to the advice being given. I have a great deal of respect for people who have actually done the things that they are giving advice about. I have less respect for the "armchair experts" who have plenty of advice to give, but have accomplished very little on their own.
    For example, I would always listen to business advice given by a person who had successfully operated one or more businesses in the past. (I may not agree with or follow that advice, but I would at least listen to it.). Along the same lines, I would be much more inclined to take personal fitness advice from someone who was in great shape rather than from someone who was 100 pounds overweight.
    I also think that different people have different styles of doing things. Advice coming from someone who has a radically different style than your own can be extremely difficult to implement. Telling a pig that it needs to swim like a duck generally never works.
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    A mentor should be a person who meets
    us for few minutes and gives us some advice and those words helps us
    to be positive and also helps us to achieve what we want... I guess
    gut feeling plays a very critical role... if u believe in the person
    who is giving u advice... m sure there are more chances of u
    following his words...
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