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High traffic but low sign ups

newhorizonnewhorizon subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2012 in Marketing
I'm into psych, not a marketing guy, so I need some help.
My website is getting a decent amount of traffic and on average, users spend 8 minutes on my site (which is pretty high methinks). However, only about 10% of viewers end up signing up. Since I built the site and know it too well, I am blind as to seeing what it is that prevents more people from signing up, despite the 8 minute average usage time.
Anyway, my site is Project EvoLove (www.projectevolove.com). It's dating social network using Instincts Theory and Myers Briggs to match people. I can say for a fact that it is the only legitimate psychology out there for dating. The long average usage time is because people are reading into my extensive psychology, which requires no sign in.
Can someone take a look at my site and critique it, so that I know how to increase the sign up rate?


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    WayneLiewWayneLiew subscriber Posts: 3
    There are a few problems that I see:
    First of all, the sign up button (call-to-action) is placed below the fold.
    Secondly, your description of what your website is all about is not clear enough and placed under the fold.
    Thirdly, there is no benefits to users on why they should sign up.
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    thexxthexx subscriber Posts: 0
    I give mulland right, it's cheaper to aks students to get the work done.
    With the Myers-Briggs Test do you put opposites or similare types together?
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    JohnJohn subscriber Posts: 1
    You got to create the RSS feed and Micro Conversion links on your site like e mail subscription, watch video, look for latest new offers and keep a check on these micro conversion techniques as they give some info on getting the conversions done later.
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