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Widget Worries

AboveAverageJoeAboveAverageJoe subscriber Posts: 4
I`m wondering if anyone knows how a widget could be made profitable. Most of the ones I`ve seen are free to download with little to no attachment fees. I have an Idea for a widget i would like to create but i don`t know how i could make any money from it. Also I`m looking for any web design/development people who would be interested in collaborating on this widget project. AboveAverageJoe2007-9-21 18:0:38


  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    Whatever service you are thinking of, build a website. You can use subscription model.
    Create the Widget as a shortcut for paying customers to get the service/info you are selling.
  • JoeJustinJoeJustin subscriber Posts: 1
    There are widgets that are for sale out there.  It depends what you widget does.  I just purhcased a paypal widget that allows you to make a membership site.  It allows you to hide articles, catagories from non-subscribers.  It only cost 25.00 but I am sure they are selling the heck out of it.  Just make sure that if you are selling it, there`s no need to fiddle with code.  It`s easy to install and doesn`t mess with any of the core code.  If you can accomplish this and get enough bloggers talking about how great your new whiz bang widget is, you`ll do good!By the way if you are looking for beta tester send me an email!
  • CreadivCreadiv subscriber Posts: 1
    There is always ad revenue.  If you have a widget that doesn`t want to sell make it freeware.  If it becomes popular enough you will at least be able to generate ad revenue from the site it is on.
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