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Incredibly Long Landing Pages

PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
edited September 2007 in Marketing
I`ve never been a huge fan of them. In fact, I tend to click off of them right away. They must work though, right? Otherwise they wouldn`t be found all over the place.
I found winning page is very much like the stereotypical never-ending landing page. Makes a person wonder if they should use pages like this, even if they don`t personally like them.


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    ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    in my opinion that is a horrible landing page. I say keep it simple and to the point. Get the visitor the info they need and want, and let them run with it.
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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    My sensibilities/taste would certainly agree with you.
    But when they run a test of several thousand visitors, and that page shows better results than any of the others (many of which look very good to me), it`s really hard to argue with the numbers.
    Anybody else? Thoughts on looking good vs performing well? (And whether or not they really are conflicting goals?)PiperTax2007-9-17 13:51:39
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    Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    Always keep the website user friendly. Long landing pages become cumbersome and less effective. Better off breaking up the information into links other webpages.
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    TwilightPicsTwilightPics subscriber Posts: 2
    It`s crazy, everyone complains about landing pages, but the people running them and online marketeers swear by them.The only thing I wonder is if you were truly interested in the product, maybe it would work. Personally, I would never buy from a site like that. And ask any consumer they tend to agree.
    TwilightPics2007-9-17 14:44:19
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    starrhornestarrhorne subscriber Posts: 0
    One thing I don`t understand is why it`s so criminal to put all of your copy on one page? Break it up into several pages, sure. But put it all on the same page and you`re a spammy sleezeball. Sure, long copy may not be the answer for every product or every market. But if you`ve done the testing, and it outpulls everything else, how can you justify NOT using it?
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    SandraPSandraP subscriber Posts: 3
    I`m with you! A lot of marketers that use that long sales letter style also use tawdry tricks like - "only 4 left, hurry to reserve yours now!" Now I see those and it just turns me off completely!
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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    Craig, I absolutely agree that just because a lot of people are doing something doesn`t make it a good idea.
    What I`m having trouble dismissing though is a test that takes into account a sufficient quantity of visitors (several thousand) that its findings are clearly statistically significant (over 95% certainty).
    Now, just because the super long, awful-looking page style works for marketing a subscription service to a SEO publication doesnt mean it`ll work for everything. That seems obvious.
    But it must work for a lot of things. Aaron Wall of Perry Marshall (likely the most high-profile Adwords consultant) uses it. And I`m sure that both of those guys have done tests to bear out its usefulness as well.
    It still seems like such an odd situation though. Pretty much everybody here (myself included) thinks those pages look terrible. So who is it that buys from them? And why would they not be convinced by a more standard-looking page? What, specifically, is it that makes those long pages work, and is there a way to capture at least some of that utility without having to put up a page that you don`t even like on your own site?
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    PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    Many of the people looking up this SEO information are the same internet marketers who make these long sales pages. Therefore, I would assume they would choose that page.
    Hmm. Now there`s a great point. Perhaps the reason for those pages` success is just as simple as the marketers in question knowing precisely who their customers are. (And knowing who they aren`t: The rest of us, who think those pages are awful.)
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    First of all, those pages are highly successful. Second, you guys are totally over-analyzing something that`s really quite simple. If you don`t happen to like those types of pages, then you`re clearly not who the page is targeted at. No problem. Move on. Next case. It`s all about knowing your target market and what they will or won`t buy. It`s really as simple as that.
    I also think it`s a bit ostentatious to consider the people who respond to these pages as somehow being inferior consumers. Nothing could be further from the truth. That kind of convoluted thinking is the eptitome of pomposity, arrogance and ignorance!
    Dale King
     DKing2007-9-18 19:17:40
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    JoeJustinJoeJustin subscriber Posts: 1
    The long landing pages/ sales pages may work but I think the stats are either being over stated or possibly stats from the past!  John Reese is a well respected internet marketer and he has written a report called rebirth of the internet.  In it he talks about the for never ending landing pages and has recently tested them against a shorter landing pages combined with a video. The tests he did blew away the never ending landing pages.  Here`s the link for the report: http://www.income.com/images/reports/rebirth.pdfAs you can see most of the comments on this post state how much they do hate the never ending....  Take heed to this report. 
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    workswhandsworkswhands subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree, it`s one long annoying infomercial.  I  for one can`t read that much malarky in one sitting.  I keep asking what`s the point and how much does it cost.   More often than not I just X out of it. Get my attention and get to the point.  Time is valuable and I don`t have all day to read one page.
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    How long visitors stay on your website and read your content really depends on a variety of factors - not the least of which is your website and its content. If you have an attractive, easily navigatable website with lots of fresh, interesting content that is laser-targeted and focuses on the specific needs of your visitors, they will stick around and read it - regardless of the length. This includes long landing pages, long salesletters, long articles, whatever the case may be.
    Also readership studies show that most people don`t necessarily read every single word of a long advertisement or salesletter. They scan for bits and pieces of information specific to their particular needs. If they find that information on your site, they`ll continue reading. If they don`t, they`ll simply move on. That`s why your copy has to be laser-targeted, and expertly crafted to catch the eye of casual scanners.
    Dale KingDKing2007-9-19 13:23:3
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    CladdaghCladdagh subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    When I come across landing pages like this, I tend to hit the fast scroll just to see how long this ridiculous page is - then I quickly exit.
    Personally, I think your landing page should welcome your visitor and give an introduction to you and your serivces. A well placed navigation menu will direct visitors to the pages which appeal to their needs.
    - well, that`s my two cents.
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    CarlosDCarlosD subscriber Posts: 0
    First of all, those pages are highly successful. Second, you guys are totally over-analyzing something that`s really quite simple. If you don`t happen to like those types of pages, then you`re clearly not who the page is targeted at. No problem. Move on. Next case. Thanks Dale I appreciate your pragmatic approach. Your comments here are very insightful.@nhgnikole - While I appreciate your bravado in talking about the merits of various pages, you are -- I feel -- talking over your head. A landing page is not designed to be pretty it is designed to engage action. Putting aside one`s personal visual aesthetic a "well designed" page engages action. Both Paul and I did just that raising the conversion rate for the product by 500% -- as a first run at a particular landing page we both did well.If you do in fact want to put up the skills of your company as landing page designers I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Let`s find a company on SuN that needs a new landing page, your company and mine will each make one landing page for them. The winner gets paid the losers does not.Both Paul and I know that the competition "was what it was" both of us swung for the fence in different directions. Our two pages address two very different goals and audiences. I advise all of you to take a moment think (as entrepreneurs) who you are selling to, how you are meeting their needs, and how you are branding when you make your marketing decisions.Anyone who is interested in learning more about landing pages or conversion optimization is free to contact me: Carlos@NewMediaNorthwest.com
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