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IE8 Beta

WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
I`ve been playing around with  the new IE8 Beta release, testing some of the sites I`ve built, and one I have in progress.
So far it`s a nightmare. One site I have online, IE8 will not render the entire page, even with page refreshes, and states there are errors ( funny, other browsers don`t tell me that ). It would be nice if it would tell me what it thinks the errors are. Even in compatibility mode, it won`t display correctly.
Another site I`m developing looks perfect in FF, Opera, Chrome and older IE versions, yet refuses to center the page via the css file. Floats and clears aren`t being applied.
I finally gave up even looking at it. At least it`s beta, and barely being used that I know of.
BTW .... does "beta" mean the same as "buggy" .... ?Webline1/31/2009 11:08 AM


  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I stopped ussing IE a while back because of all the problems.  I now us FireFox.
  • mmmmsubsmmmmsubs subscriber Posts: 0
    I am not looking forward to making every website my company has created in years past IE8 compatible. Sounds like you are not the only one that has had issues with the compatibilty mode that they so nicely built in to prevent these problems.
  • profits4idiotsprofits4idiots subscriber Posts: 0
    Since it is still in Beta stage, I guess MS would look forward to fixing some of the bugs coming from the testers.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Web Line,
    I feel your pain ... I never cared to use a beta web browser to check my work. Its a waste of time! It is much easier to create a secondary CSS file that addresses all the Bugs in IE rather than trying to have the page render correctly.
    One of the Biggest IE Bugs that I hate is the 3 pixel job to the right, and once in a while I forget and code specifically for Mozilla and all other browsers...
    Weblines = I`m pretty sure those aren`t the only Bugs you will find.. another bug that I hate is the way IE over-rides the "!important" command .... 
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    BETA Stands for YOU "BETTA" Have patience with Microsoft.... I can`t believe the whole world is going in one direction and MS still wants to rule.... They need to get off their ego and learn how to play ball....
    Google Chrome is more advanced than IE and they`ve been in the industry for years....
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