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I am excited that I found this site - a lot of people seem eager to help with ideas and it feels like a great community filled with like-minded professionals.
Like many of you, I have been racking my brain about what type of business to start. My desk is cluttered at the moment with online articles I`ve printed out print-out about the "How To`s" of starting a business. My book shelf is about to collapse if I try to fit one more book on there about "Small Business Success" and "The Art of Starting a Small Business". Perhaps I can start a library as my business
In any case,  I realized that what I really needed was a viable business idea. I have extensive experience in B2B Sales and spent the last 3 years talking to commercial artists about their art work and making suggestions about how to market themselves to potential clients. I enjoy this. But where is the `Business Idea` in these skills/passions I have?
I thought about starting a business where I can help freelance artists promote their art work to d agencies and publishers via grassroots promotions. Or to be like a Virtual Assistant. But then I get stuck and wonder if people would actually pay for those types of services - when I don`t really have any contacts set up yet. Any ideas?
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