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I am new to SuN and am part of a start-up product development company.  This post is unrelated to my product development company.
I saw an telecommunications commercial where there is a guy in Africa giving shoes away - because his footwear company has chosen to donate a pair of shoes for every one they sell.  So an idea for a new business came to me - and it could start small / local.  The mission of the consulting company would be to use / leverage charitable, brand-related programs to address business issues and increase consumer perception of  brands and support the civic integrity of client companies. 
The array of what I would call "humanitary" or "charitable" initiatives is almost endless.  So developing the expertise around what charitable / humanitary resources are available in the community would be the first step I think.  I think this could be a very valuable expertise.  Many companies have these initiatives already in place, but I`m sure they could be improved or more brand-relevant.     
I`ve always had a desire to do non-prof work, but I`m also very entrepreneurial and like to make money.  So this could almost be a happy medium for me.
Keep in mind this thought came to me about 2 days ago - the very day my company downsized significantly and I lost my job.  So I haven`t had a change to put much energy into this thought as I`ve been job searching.  What you all think!?   


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    Apologies for the vagueness of my initial post and for the length of this post.  I`ll tell you a bit about my background real quick. 
    I come from a global branding organization.  So, from my experience, I have learned that there are a number of different ways to answer fundamental business questions (e.g. How do I get more people to shop my store?  How do I get more people to listen to what I have to say?  How do I become more relevant to the people who matter to me?  etc.)  Adding to that, I`ve always been service oriented as I enjoy helping people.  IDEA: mesh brand consulting with helping people.   
    Branding agencies are consultants.  Companies hire them because they have expertise and know-how when it comes to figuring out what the company`s next moves should be (e.g. new logo, new store design, different merchandising, new tagline, etc.)
    With the business I`m proposing - I`d be a consultant.  With expertise and knowledge around answering fundamental business questions via "charitable" (that might not be the right word, but until I think of something better....yeah) programs. 
    I`ll take a stab at Biziness`s suggestions:

    What specific problem are you trying to solve?

    As with any company or brand, an ongoing challenge is positive consumer perception - whether it`s a global brand or a small business trying to grow within a community. 
    A second problem is awareness - how well is your consumer base aware of your product or service offering?
    So the problem / challenge that I am trying to solve is - How does a company increase their awareness (or, effectively utilize charitable acts or programs to their benefit - to increase consumer perception and increase awareness? 

    What is the product/service your company will offer?  Recommending, mobilizing, and executing charitable programs. 

    Research and Recommend - use survey research to determine what the most effective program might be for that particular brand
    Mobilize - Coordinate resources, facilities, media, etc.  Whatever would be required logistically
    Execute - Ensure the program is executed according to plan. 
    Post-Research - I suppose there could also be some post-program research that would validate the program for future use and so forth. 

    How will your product/service solve that problem?

    My product or service is just a different form of advertising. And in today`s economic environment - unique approaches are appreciated and they are winning. 
    SO, my company would answer fundamental business questions:

    How do I increase awareness - so more customers know what I have to offer?
    How can I make people think I am doing good for the community?

    I know it`s a stretch if you even understand my long-winded explanation.  Sorry if i lost you. 
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    uh, not sure about the question or concept.
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