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Supply Chain Management

AronAron subscriber Posts: 3
We just landed a major customer... Then we were told instead of shipping
our product to 1 location we need to deliver to 19 DC`s accross the nation.
Oh, and we need to do it monthly.

We currently self distribute locally and need advice on LTL shipping services
and Supply Chain Management. I have all the important info weight, size Ti/
Hi pallet configs, freight class, and NMFC number.

I`ve put calls into FedEx & UPS simply because of their size.If you have a
better idea please pass it along.

Thank you.


  • DynamicSolutionsDynamicSolutions subscriber Posts: 0

    Howdy Aron,
    My company actually offers a 65% LTL discouunt with USFC (www.mydynamicsolutions.com</A> (it is getting a new look soon).
  • AronAron subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the help guys. The new customer has tweaked our method of delivery and now we will be using their light goods shipper. If things change (which they often do) I`ll be sure to get in touch. Thanks for the speedy response - SUN Community is like having an uber employee who knows it all.
  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Have you tried a third party warehousing operation.  You give them your product and the ship to locations and they ship it for you.  You can also fax them futre orders to be shipped.  This is a good way to handle supply chain management unti you can afford your own warehousing operation.  UPS and Fed Ex also have their standard online shipping program.  You can enter all the locations and the software prints up the shipping labels.  You can  use standard computer printer and print the labels on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
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