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Hi All


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    Hello Meny,
    I the founder/CEO of Miser Advertising and Marketing, a virtual marketing consulting firm with a networked advertising and marketing agency.  I have been around marketing for going on five years now and have a MBA to back up my ideas.  I focus mainly on small- to medium-sized businesses, since that is the realm with the most passion and dedication. I have few ideas that could be turned into presentations that would help these business owners to think about how their operations is tied into their marketing.  Or visit</A> for more information.
    Please let me know if this is an idea that you would like to pursue.  I would really like to discuss this forum further with you.
    Paul Miser, MBA
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    please send me an email with your info.
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    Hi Meiser/Meny,
    I am in my marketing phase right now and ran across something new even though I`ve been working on this thing for thirty years. I got a copyright on my invention/sculpture in 1974 and just the other day read some of the things on the awarded copyright. It turnes out that I was awarded an unpublished copyright. If I now go forward with publishing the sculpture/ invention I must apply for a published copyright. Just thought you might want to Know.
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