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Professional Liability Insurance Needed

perrymcperrymc subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2006 in Grab Bag
Me again.  Things have changed recently for me.  A whirlwind of circumstances have led to me quitting the day job and going out on my own as consultant in the land development engineering business.  My graphic design work will be offered as a value-added service so that I can continue doing that too.
My question is about Professional Liability Insurance.  I need some leads.  I`m awaiting a quote from a company affiliated with my national engineering society, but I want to shop around.
Any leads or ideas out there? -- Thanks!


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
  • DoItRightDoItRight subscriber Posts: 0
    You are a professional and you should be looking for a professional to handle your insurance needs. You are buying a sophisticated product and need a sophisticated individual to hand this for you. Shopping around is what an amature would do. You need to find the find the right broker whose understands professional liability and will give you good advise. Many don`t, but will do it because they want to make a buck. Also, the best brokers won`t give you the light of day is you say "I am shopping around." The bad ones will though because they will do anything for a buck. Limit your quoting to two brokers because if you have more, they are going to be bumping into the same companies. Respect your broker, they work hard to find you your coveraging and saying you are "shopping around" does not show a lot of respect.
  • perrymcperrymc subscriber Posts: 3
    ...Respect your broker, they work hard to find you your coveraging and saying you are "shopping around" does not show a lot of respect.
    Easy, now. You misunderstood.  I don`t have a broker.  That`s the whole point of this post.  When I say "shop around", I mean the whole package, not simply rates.  The selected broker will be respected, after all, why would I select a broker that I do not respect?  With all due respect, DoItRight, please spare me the speeches.  I`m looking for good hard leads from your network.
  • DoItRightDoItRight subscriber Posts: 0
    No problem, I was trying to help you out in your approach to find a quality broker. Let me know if you are still trying to find coverage, I can give answer any questions you have. I am an insurance broker in California, but I cannot help you as I am licensed only in California. Nevertheless will be happy to give you advise on how to get the right broker to listen to you.
  • sierrasierra subscriber Posts: 0
     All your Errors & Omissions needs....
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