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What is content?

MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
edited March 2009 in Marketing
Apparently, I can cast myself as one of the ignorant who don`t know what content is. Rather than just content myself with such, hopefully the people who have definitions of content can relay them. I hope spinoff threads of locked threads are kosher. If not, my apologies. Anyway, I thought content was the stuff inside whatever medium you use to convey a message. If you use conversation to convey a message, content is what you`re saying. A conversation can be devoid of content. 
I can`t quote directly, but I found this Craig quote in the prior content thread. It`s what spurred on my own post in said thread, a post unintended to cause controversy."Conversation without meaning or substance isn`t interesting. Content is what makes a conversation interesting. Ergo, content is king."That`s where I got the idea that you can have a conversation without content. A conversation needs content to be interesting. Conversation is like a box, and content is what`s inside. The contents of a box. A box can be full and still have minimal content, well, unless you count air. A book can have lots of pages and have little content. Am I totally off base?Is it possible to achieve a sale or whatever, with a lot of conversation and little to no content? Can there be more conversation than content in a delivery? Does fluff and filler count as content? I think I was holding content to a higher standard. A blank page can be in the contents of a book, but the table of contents rarely lists it. When you open a box, some of its contents are air, but if air is the only thing in a box, it would be common to call it empty. For marketing purposes, is "content" every single thing that exists within a delivery framework? I wasn`t under that impression, but I think some people are. I thought "meaningful" was a silent prefix to "content" in the context we use it.


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    CasiCasi subscriber Posts: 5
    Television in nothing but content.  It is irrelevant wether or not it`s good or bad, shallow or meaningful; "quality" is a judgement based on preference, taste and marketing.   The same applies to radio and all printed media.  And yet, the internet has surpassed them all in terms of popularity.  It may very well be that more people get their entertainment through the internet than through all the other media combined.  Why?  I am sure there are many reasons but I think these are biggest factors: 

    It is in real time: you can get the latest of anything.

    It is interactive: unlike all the other media, you can talk or write back.

    You can connect: for business or entertainment.

     The content that appears on television is geared towards a linear communication: there is a presentation and an observer.  The internet is not limited by this constraint therefor content is more free to change and adapt. 
    Adapt to what?     A better question is : adapt to who?  Because this is where it gets interesting.  Some argue that it`s all content.  But the traditional delivery methods are static whereas the modern internet is dynamic.    So if it is all content, then how do you give form to content that is so reliant on the interactions of people? 
    This is, for me, the interesting question.  
    And now, I`ll be judgemental:  you`ve got to be a closed-minded individual to be able to make statements like. "That`s absolutely wrong." or "That`s absolutley correct."  Keep thinking this way and you`ll stagnate.
    Casi3/17/2009 12:31 AM
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    maybe the content of "how are you" is more non-verbal.  the tone of voice, facial expression, etc., can convey quite a bit of non-verbal information.
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    NaasshGGNaasshGG subscriber Posts: 0
    I found this Craig quote in the prior content thread. It`s what spurred
    on my own post in said thread, a post unintended to cause controversy.The study of Kung Fu or Tai Chi will strengthen and energize you. We invite you to watch or attend a class in our Toronto Studio. Kung Fu Toronto
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    MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
    Will you tell me what content is, when I reach black belt?
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    grab this pebble from my hand, grass hopper.
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    hankmaysonhankmayson subscriber Posts: 0
    The term "content", when used in reference to intellectual property
    law, refers to information that is provided for a hearing, usually
    within a specific context. The contents may vary on the subject, scope,
    detail, material and medium enterprises. Any information transmitted to
    an audience can fall under the rubric of content.
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    bellsmithbellsmith subscriber Posts: 0
    Content is the actual text in the body of the page. Content may include personal information or public news.
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    jsonmurejsonmure subscriber Posts: 0
    As per my knowledge Content is any information that is being distributed which is from a book, a magazine article, and the information on a website are all content.
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    globalpageindiaglobalpageindia subscriber Posts: 0
    Thank you so much for this useful and interesting information.
    Keep sharing...
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    lcharlottenclcharlottenc subscriber Posts: 0
    Content is one of those odd words that seem to have two entirely different meanings, depending on context.
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